marriage sucks !!!!! NOVEMBER 20, 2005  

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11/20/2005 12:34 pm

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marriage sucks !!!!! NOVEMBER 20, 2005

Don't get me wrong i love my wife.....but at times i just wish she would just put out more. i haven't had sex for about close to 3 months. going without sex for that amount of time can drive a man crazy.

my wife is great...she does all the things a wife does with the excepting of having sex. i've been married with this women for about 2 years, and i must say....fucking, is not the same.

what is a sexaully fustrated man too do? masturbation is good....but not great, i need the real thing. i like the feel of a women's soft skin, those nice breast...and suculant pussy. oohh how i miss the pussy. that's one of the reasons i'm here, to find someone who will give me pussy.

well enough said, make sure you check out my profile and hit me up...i am a standard member and can not respond back, so you're going to have to leave an e-address where i can reach you at. i can be found with the same user name....desertviper911 on the ya-h00, if you want to hit me there.

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