Sexy bi stories...  

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9/2/2006 10:09 am

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Sexy bi stories...

I think I should say I am a highly sexual masculine guy. I'd notsay 'gay' as I feel that is kinda a lifestyle. To me 'bi' means I just find members of both sexes attractive.

My first feelings about a girl or guy was maybe at 14. My buddy Jim and I ran cross country and he had a great body and a nice thick uncut cock. Later on, at 18, he spent the night. He was wearing just low cut denim cutoffs, fraid leg openings and looked hot. We were reading porno mags and he came on to me. I just chickened out. I wish I hadn't.

Later, at 21, I was friends with an older lady named Jan. She was 28. We'd hang out, smoke weed, drink. We would kiss and fool around. I'd eat her pussy if I could get her drunk. One night her ex-lover was with us smoking and we were doing body shots off Jan. She was in skin tight jeans and a string bikini top. The feeling up with her was great and she asked what kind of porn I liked. I said lezzy. She liked gay. She had a video tape called 'Switch Hitters' and we watched some. It was bi. She was laying down, head in my lap. I was massaging her titties and her frind was massaging her thighs. My shirt was off. At some point we got to the moment of truth and I was terrified. Maybe I was gay? Thisguy turned me on? Jan turned me on? Shit, they both turned me on! I had an excuse and left.

Fast forward to maybe 1999. I get to be very good friends with a Canadian couple. They were blond and we had great fun. We'd meet at their place for BBQ and drank heavily. One day I showed up and we were out back and the husband said that his wife really liked me. She said that if anything happened to him that she'd be all over me. She was a blonde hottie, pale skin and nice everything. I said I appreciated it.

That afternoon she switched into a string bikini. Christ, she was hot. It was obvious she gave the razor a workout. She was making more drinks and needed help so I went with her to the kichen. She came up behind me and hugged me. When I turned around she kissed me. Pasionately. I protested a bit but she said her husband knew. We french for a time and then took the drinks out to the porch.

During this time she took great pleasure in exposing herself. My friend finally suggested it was movie time so in the house we went.

Long story made short but she and I wound up in their bedroom alone and we were kissing. Lots of touching. She got me naked and laid me down. She removed her bikini and I was treated to her shaven body. She started to suck my cock and I just laid back enjoying her slurpy sounds and my cock loved it.

After a time I opened my eyes and my buddy was there, sucking me off. The wife smiled at me and kissed me. God, that was good. Over the course of the nigh my buddy and I filled his wifes body with cum. She got it in the mouth, pussy and ass. As we were laying down relaxing she asked me if I would take his cock in my ass. Well, she asked so sweetly I said 'yes'. I got on all fours and she lubed us up. We weren't wearing condoms. He pressed against me, she was under me kissing me. I relaxed and his thick cock went inside. I sweated at the sensation, she kept my mouth busy. I groaned/sighed into her open mouth.

I knew I liked it as my ass was meeting his thrusts. He came in his wifes mouth and she kissed me with his load in her mouth. I later ass fucked him that night. We spent the night with 3 of us in bed. Sunday morning we started again.

We repeated everything later. Very often she'd be alone while he was away on business. She called me her second husband. When she'd leave I spend some time with him.

I haven't seen them in years. We still talk. I reveal my bi tendancies to women around the 3rd date. Most are grossed out. A few positively came in their pants when I told them. One was actively trying to get a 3some together with her gay black friend.

Anyways, that is how I got here. I'd be open to finding a girl into bi men, a couple for a long term friendship or even a good guy friend.

MistressJoyce013 60F
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9/2/2006 10:42 am

Hi, thanks for sharing your feelings and I'm one of the few woman who enjoy watching 2 guys and then of course joining in at some point.
I have had several opportunities R/T to do this and was VERY turned on by it
Good luck to you ...... keep smiling

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