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demonicsexkitten 42F
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3/30/2006 4:24 pm

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e-mail tag...

I've been playing email tag most of the day. Well... maybe it's not tag, so much as waiting for replies... which generate more questions... and have to wait again. I'm in process of starting one of my millions of projects... a chainmail belt. Needed their help to determine what gauge and size would be best for my project before throwing $ at them. Though while browsing the company's website I found a sample weave I fell in love with... so now i have to make TWO belts. I will, eventually, figure out "exactly" what i want to do with all my foreign coins. In the meantime, i'll keep playing. My original attempt at a belt took on a mind of it's own and turned into something totally different than intended. I'm still a bit bewildered by the experience. Basically I used some tapestry scraps, was going to sew coins on it... being scrap it didn't matter what i did with it, and I was only interested in the weight. But it turned itself into an American Tribal Bellydancing belt... and i've always HATED that look!!

For anybody wanting to lose weight: take up belly dancing. It's been years since I've taken classes or done any dancing, but i'm forcing myself to get into it again. It's fun, improves posture, balance, muscle tone/strength... and helps you lose weight. And yes, I should start dancing first, make costumes later... but having a shiny sparkly outfit that jingles when you move is motivation in itself

Oh, yeah... another "benefit (?)" of bellydancing? it excites men just hearing about it. Annoys the hell out of me lol. For me, dancing is spiritual. I'm not sure I could ever dance "FOR" somebody. I still remember the first "perfect" move i made in dance class. The instructor said, "Yes, S!! that's it" and all i could think in response was "Duh!!!". When i moved, everything flowed... it was like my entire body sang out with joy, with the rightness of it. I barely heard the instructor over the feeling.

By Jalal al-Din Rumi

Dance, when you're broken open.
Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you're perfectly free.

ProtonicMan 49M

3/30/2006 6:58 pm

I started to panic at first... Chainmail is good. Chain Mail is not. I misread it the first time. LOL

Belly dancing? Hey, if you enjoy it, go for it! And isn't "having a shiny sparkly outfit that jingles when you move" the whole point? Duh!!!


PrincessKarma 45F
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3/30/2006 8:29 pm

Oh, how I miss the dance classes in Tyr... I could dance the women from the aerobics group into the ground and keep going

Oh, and I have a scarf belt with coin sequins I got in Baalbek Only it's a leeeetle short to go around my hips, I'm making an extension for the ends. BTW any sort of fringe will work for a practice belt, or even seashells.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

demonicsexkitten replies on 3/30/2006 11:39 pm:
PK: true, anything with sequins/tassels will work for a practice belt. But my former roommate (dance instructor) had a belt full of real coins... very heavy. i tried it on once, and the feeling was SO awesome... when you moved... you FELT it. hence i want a "real" coin belt. i also figure the added weight will only be a benefit towards the "losing weight" aspect

PrincessKarma 45F
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3/31/2006 2:54 am

Well, I meant sewing practice, but point taken about the weight of the metal.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

KMA5 41M
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4/2/2006 10:21 pm

Sparkly, jingly and good for weight training? I'll take one for personal use and one for internet sales in a few years

Fox4aKnight1 44F

4/3/2006 10:52 pm

The Dance of Time .....

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