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7/23/2005 6:23 pm

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Weekend Plans

I started responding to LoyaltyandHonor's blog, but being tired i started rambling. So in order to spare his readers, i transferred it all over here. Does anybody else have fun weekend plans?

my weekend is ok so far. lonely, but that's normal. lol. Julyamsh is this weekend (Pow-wow), and I'm hoping to attend. i went last year. the grand entrance is amazing, as the tribal elders and 'royalty' and others come riding in on horseback. sadly i'll be attending by myself. everybody i've tried inviting are working. i'm hoping one particular merchant is there again this year. they had native american clothing patterns last year. i'm part nez perce... and ran into some indians about a month ago who came up to me and asked what tribe i'm from. some ppl say i look indian, some say german. lol. those seem to be my most noticeable features. and my 'french nose'. (sorry... rambling. past my bedtime). anyways... the woman (cherokee, her husb. nez perce) told me i should get myself a buckskin dress, and wear it proudly, as she feels i'd be very beautiful in it. honestly, i've always wanted one so i just might do that. but i would probably cheat and buy synthetic suede... lol. my step-dad's a hunter, but i'm not about to tan a hide myself (or pay somebody else to do so).

hmm... there is a free sunset concert at a local winery on sunday nights. i don't drink, but it's so very beautiful up there. it's on top of a hill and overlooks the surrounding area. Arborcrest winery. Unless i can conjure up company this time, I'll just go up with a book and relax for a few hours. it's very peaceful, even with 100 or so other people.

Otherwise, my weekend is spent just working and cleaning. My mom moved in with me last Sunday, and we spent Friday evening rearranging furniture, and hanging mirrors and pictures that i couldn't ever get by myself. Does anybody else love rearranging furniture? At least twice a year i just have to move everything. But the new setup is great, considering how much furniture and little space i have to work with.

juiceisloose4u2 53M
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5/30/2014 3:12 pm

I love Arbor Crest! I was married up there in 2007. That day seems like such a lonnng time ago now, as I've been divorced since 2012. I still enjoy going up there for there Summer Concert Series. Last time i was up there I saw a great local band called The Cronkites..

You have a 'French Nose? What is that exactly?? lol


demonicsexkitten 43F
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5/30/2014 6:13 pm

juiceisloose: LOL... I have no idea. Just that's what I've been told by a few people. The ear, nose, and throat specialist just says he wants to give me a nose job because my nasal passages aren't wide enough. Mom says I didn't pick it enough as a kid. haha.

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