Falling in (platonic) Love  

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12/8/2005 9:55 am

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Falling in (platonic) Love

Have you ever fallen totally and completely in love with somebody, in a platonic way? Your own children don't count Though if that is the only instance, go ahead and tell. Hearing of parents falling totally and completely in love with their children is so heartwarming. Here on AdultFriendFinder I've read blogs and/or corresponded with a few fathers that adore their children so much... it's enough to make me fall in love with them at least a little.

What brings this topic up is the fact that i'm totally and completely in love with a friend's mom. My trip to Egypt last year was... i guess i can call it a bittersweet experience. The #1 friend i went to meet... we ended up doing nothing but fight. (think 2 control freaks, one used to being in charge, the other used to being independent and NOT controlled/pushed). The fact that i was "warned" and "cautioned" by family, friends, strangers, etc. enough before leaving that it's surprising i was ever able to step out my front door only made it worse. Anyways... THAT friend and i had nearly constant conflicts. But I had a friend in Alexandria i wanted to meet. One of his friends was going to drive me, but flaked out at the last minute and stopped returning calls. But i REALLY wanted to go, and didn't want to wait. So my friend asked his parents, and they welcomed me immediately--said come and I could have their other son's room. So i hopped on the train and went. When I walked in my friend's front door, his mom was waiting and smiling. She was one of those people that just glowed... peace and happiness just surrounded her. She welcomed me with hugs and kisses. Although she didn't speak any english, nor me any arabic (I speak a few dozen words, i probably should'nt say I speak any on my profile) we talked for hours via her son or husband (who used to teach english). I can't explain it really, but we connected. Also, later that night she was upset over her absent son, and hid herself in the kitchen crying and making dinner. So i went in to her, took the food out of her hands, and just hugged her. She said many words that I'll never know. I'm sure that brought us closer though.

The following day when I left, my friend took me to the train station. On the way he informed me that when his sister called the previous evening, his mom told her all about me. That I was "polite, beautiful, intelligent, and religious!". More embarressing, he told me: "Did you ever notice how, throughout the evening, she kept hitting and yelling at me?" i said yes. "Well, she was saying (smack!)"Marry her, you idiot!! why don't you marry her?!?" (At hearing this i was VERY happy to not speak any arabic. Imagine knowing what was being said at the time it was happening? I was embarressed enough after).

Two days ago, my friend was online and I messaged him. I asked about his family, especially his mom. He said she had just asked about me the previous day. It's the craziest thing. I would love more than anything to have her for my mother in law. Unfortunately, of 3 sons... one is married, one is a loser, and one (my friend) is ... well, he's a great guy, and were he anybody else i'd probably be comfortable with the idea. But there's no physical attraction, no "spark"... and we know eachother too well. In odd ways. (We have an owner/pet relationship... hard to explain. But it would be like somebody suggesting having a relationship with somebody you think of as a brother or sister).

I've just been missing his family the past few days (ok: year. but especially the past few days), and wishing I was rich and could go again. The fact that i was there exactly 1 year ago probably contributes to the feeling. Oh, yeah... and the fact that Cairo winter feels like North Idaho Spring (LATE spring)... that adds to it too.

As for his family liking me.. it wasn't just his mom. his dad did too. According to my friend, his dad goes days without talking. Atimes he's counted 4 words spoken all day. While i was there, his dad talked my ear off! And they tried talking me into staying longer. His dad owns a clothing factory and would have arranged a complete wardrobe for me, and taken time to drive us to all the tourist sites I missed. So... 2 regrets in my life. 1: that i didn't listen to my Dad when he said "quit your job! go in September". and 2: that i didn't quit my job and stay longer (in November/December after changing my ticket). Darn workaholism.

pierd 52M
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12/9/2005 7:17 pm

Nice story.

Do you think you and the mother are similar? Judging by the father's reticence and her handling of her sons, the mother seems to be the head of the household. Is she a control freak, too? Is she a role model: would you like to grow to be like her - in complete charge of a family? Or maybe you found your match - someone you wouldn't mind being controlled by?

Just a few thoughts.

more on my blog, http://AdultFriendFinder.com/blog/pierd

demonicsexkitten 42F
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12/10/2005 2:22 am

MzHuny: thanks for stopping by

Pierd: maybe you're right. But it seemed more of an "equals" relationship to me. Neither one of them bossing the other or demanding or being pushy. Of course, I was only there 1 full day and 2 nights, and didn't understand arabic. I'll have to ask my friend what the status quo is.

warmandsexy52 65M
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12/11/2005 1:33 am

I have a dear and close friend who I love dearly. She is a co-professional and holds a high level of seniority in our organisation, as I do. We are both highly experienced and capable in our professional work, are role-models for others and are sufficiently aware of the pitfalls a full sexual relationship could create, so there is a boundary we both honour and respect. This hasn't emerged by one pushing the limit and the other saying no, but a genuine shared understanding of who we are and where we're at, and a capacity to love nonetheless.

Would I wish it any other way? No.

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