Men verses Women  

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3/1/2006 12:58 am

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Men verses Women

Men are considered the sexually dominate in our society cause we shun women for doing the things men do. If a man goes out a gets laid by a different partner every day, we call him a stud. If a women does this, she's called a slut. What's up with that? I'll tell you, jealousy. If I could go out and have freaky sex with someone new every day, I would. Women can. And guys, ugly women, a prudes get jealous cause that can't do that. Men who call women like this sluts often turn around and wonder why women don't put out on the first date. Me, I like it when they do. And I could care or less what number in line I am.

There's a saying, Men are only as loyal as their options. That holds true for women too. If J Lo came up to any strait man and offered sex with no string, consequences, or anyone finding out, he's all over that. The same thing with women and The Rock. Now, it doesn't have to be a celebrity, it can be anyone who that person is physically attracted too. The reason we may not has nothing to do with the person we would love to do it with, but it may be we're in another relationship. Men have a harder time resisting than women. Why? Logic and the override switch. When a man cheats, it's has nothing to do with their relationship with another person. A mans sex drive can override logic and emotion at a moments notice. When a man says, "I don't know why I did it," he really doesn't. Now women can retain their thinking ability much more in this situation. But only to a point. Women will attempt to justify the action. They say something's wrong in the relationship. Like, "He's not treating me right," or, "I'm evening the score," or something that places the blame on him. But what it's all coming down to is: Women have the instinct to produce the best offspring by finding the best male. In a university study, 32 women where selected for an experiment. 16 were ovulating, 16 were not. A computer program was used to morph pictures of average guys from more feminine features to more masculine features. All 16 who were ovulating were attracted to a more masculine man. All 16 that were not chose a more feminine look. This is why 1 of 10 children are being raised by a man who thinks he's the father but isn't the biological father. Men have the instinct to produce as many offspring as possible. The record stands at 868. The whole reason men have so much sperm it not that they don't asks directions, but that women are suppose to fuck more than one guy to get pregnant. This way, the man with the most sperm have better odds. Also, a woman's body is hostile to sperm, some more then others. It's all a matter of natural selection. Woman control the destiny of the human race while Men supply the material to propagate the human race. It's all about balance. Both are going to result in lots of sex, and that healthy and normal as biology goes.

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3/1/2006 3:48 am

Yes we do!

Purry {=}


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