deluxeinterior 44M
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6/6/2006 7:41 am

Well, here I am once again....I have joined AdultFriendFinder and quit a couple of times now...maybe due to lack of any real success in Japan. But now I'm back with a success story.
I met a woman from the Philippines on AdultFriendFinder a while back. She was the second woman I had met from the Phils, and she was also great.
I flew down to the Phils last week for a week of fun, and hot loving. I guess I just want to share my gratitude with whoever might read this. I am happy that I joined AdultFriendFinder. What a great site. Sure it can be frustrating at times. Sometimes we can be successful, and sometimes not. What can we do, I guess?
Well, last week was fantastic. I met this really cool woman, who was very passionate and had a really sexy body. We had a great time in bed and other places.... (You can see a few pictures I put on my profile.) I hope to have more experiences like that. She was the second woman I have met through this site that I've had a really good time with. I hope to meet another good woman, or couple or whoever through AdultFriendFinder. I look forward to meeting you all.... I wish successful encounters to all of you....

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