Is it real?  

deepwoods1965 52M
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4/23/2006 6:51 am

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3/4/2012 12:46 pm

Is it real?

I have heard from a few members,males,females and couples. Some straight, some Bi. I have yet to find anyone who is realy looking to meet for real. Is it me or is there no one here realy looking to meet and have fun.
I was a member here a few years ago and I met a great couple and we had a great relationship for over a year. But now that I am back it seems as though it is a group of E-mailers and not meeters.
What is your opinion????

bluegirl39 51F

4/23/2006 7:31 am

it happens..give it time...cant think harsh of these people, because often people are flooded with e-mails...chin up you will meet who your looking for

angelofmercy5 60F
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4/23/2006 4:47 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

rm_dananlinda13 57M/58F
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5/3/2006 1:07 pm

I'm real. I'll meet. Let's talk, and make it happen.

PartTimer2007 58M
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7/12/2007 2:42 am

Hi Dave, (I thought I posted earlier but it seems some of my threads aren't picking up.

Don't give up hope! There's always people coming & going getting what they need and leaving when their done: a lot of it is just talk, but there are real people. Look at the progress you've made with the M & G!
That's a big step forward.

I myself am looking am looking for a lady's companionship but I know it is a heck of a lot easier at least meeting in groups or at least a "get-to=know-ya'" type of initial meeting unless its supposed to be an anonymous fling but unless people make it happen it just won't.

I don't know if it specific to this site or boards in general but I know when I used to host rooms (I listed server brand's on my last post attempt maybe that's why it didn't post) to build a room you had to keep at least one or two people in it to draw others and always be courteous. Since I joined this site I joined three or four groups have been active been posting on blogs and boards and have tried to contact almost any (female) member as well as some at least acknowledging and offering to contact others in posts, blogs IM & chat. But back then, in the boards we ran (on about five host servers) it was expected that people would say hi and bye when visiting a room and a similar courtesy was expected by the members of the room or group. I've gotten over 120 hits between my posts in the past twelve days (and even if some of that is due other members monitoring their & other's posts somewhere there should have been at least a hello. (There's been dismal profile visits but I chock that up to males won't care, premium members can visit invisible and standars know not to bother.) But I stay in the group boards, refresh regularly the group sites when I'mnot in case someone else is there and say hello and good bye so people know when I'm there since the site has a $^&$5 lag & no exit

Anyway, feel free to say hi in the rooms when I'm there or email me and I'll give a reply. Hopefully, we'll meet at the M & G and everyone that wishes can share other addys, blogs & websites. Overall the internet has become such a $, ad & monitoring place I understand the sites deserve to make some money but it seems it's almost time to just go back to the bars, shows, and well I won't go into some of the places I like to use to meet people I just hate playing the often insincere bait games to sink a hook into someone it's just not fair to them & often complicates my life in the end.

Have a good day!

maniac4sex2 62F

7/15/2007 10:00 am

Dave I'm real!! Just stuck in this God forsaken hell hole with my keeper who thinks he's my father or something!!

I am planning my escape though , once I escape I'll be able to come to CT.

ludwig202 65  
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8/15/2007 11:04 pm


deepwoods1965 52M
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8/29/2007 9:15 pm

Thank you all for your support. I have met a few great people and one awesome couple. Things are going well, but they could be going better.

rm_USTWO403 53M/52F
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8/30/2007 12:44 pm

We are Very real here and we have have met VERY REAL people from this site. It sounds like your doing fine. You said yourself you have met people here, thats allot more then we have heard from of other single males here Best of luck to you


BiteAndScratch2 52F

9/9/2007 6:56 pm

The man i am with i met from here in and could not be happier! Best of luck to ya and chin up!

deepwoods1965 52M
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2/29/2008 6:10 am

Well every one I have some updates.
Since my pathetic first comments I have met many good and a small amount of not so good people. But for the most part it has been a fun ride.
I have meet a lady that I get together with fairly regular and we have had some great fun at a few parties with other couples. And we are enjoying this lifestyle a lot. We have met quite a few great new friends through New England Chat Room and we go to a lot of there events the last one we went to we connected to two great couples and had a very good time in our room after the party. Or was that when the party really began? Well either way it was great. We are looking forward to more of the same.
You can check out our couples profile with some great pics woohoo she is good at it! see us at 2_4_fun4all here at AdultFriendFinder. And yes that is me and her and she takes all 81/2 inches!!
Have fun and think of us!!

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