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3/18/2006 2:42 am

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So I've been struggling with bills... a lot. It seems escort clients are simply no longer interested in me and not having a place where I can set up my massage table and have clients over is really hindering my practice.

I still haven't paid off my massage school tuition which should be all paid up by now but I still owe $1214. If I don't pay that she'll send it to collections which will raise all kinds of questions as to why I don't have a real paycheck or a real job and why I haven't done my taxes. (well of course not I only did escorting last year) So I really don't want to have to deal with that.

My parents are not happy with me having to borrow money to pay the rent for the past 3 months. I can't seem to get a decent paying job here and really dislike commuting into the city to work. The way I figure it is a client a week is 200 and a job that pays a bit over minimum wage (which is what I got offered at temp jobs) would be the same amount of money. Plus, I'm just NOT a morning person. If I don't sleep, I get sick. I know it seems like a cop out and maybe partially it is.

My friends and little bro who I'm very close with are still up in Sussex and I hate being over an hour away from them. Plus, my grandma (whom I love to death and feel is the most amazing woman walking the earth) is in bad shape. She takes care of my grandfather and my uncle because they can't care for themselves but yet she's suffering. She's been warned that she's going to loose her right foot because of diabetic atrophy. I love her, she's the only one that has stood beside me no matter what and I would do anything to make her last few years here better.

So that leads me to the decision.

My parent's say either I get a full time job and can stay in my apt, which doesn't seem to be happening or I move into my grandparent's basement (where my parents lived for a couple years after they got married and is still in good condition) which is a decent size and help out with them. I could even set up a room in the basement to give massages out of. And I could work for my dad in the afternoons from 1-5 because his secretary is going on maternity leave in a month.

I feel so torn. I've been trying so very hard to get my life in order but it seems I just can't. I feel like maybe if I move then I can get my life in order and actually have a life, job, etc. that people are supposed to after they move out of their parent's house. Well, I was kicked out when I was 19. I've been trying so hard to make it. I finished my degree, went to massage school, but I'm still so in debt and still don't see how I can get my life in order by paying rent, or having my parents pay rent.

By moving I could have my own place, be close to my family, have a really nice part-time job with benefits!!, set up a massage business, help out my grandparents and be close to my friends.

However, I'd be giving up my freedom to smoke whenever I wanted to, have friends or random people over and no sex there. But, I could just go to people's houses to smoke, fuck whatever. I also feel bad about leaving my roommate. Granted we haven't had the best of times but I feel bad because we moved into this together and I'd feel bad leaving her. I'm sure she could find someone else and the rent is very fair for the area.

I bet lots of young people have this problem when they think about or move back home with their parents.
So, any suggestions?

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3/18/2006 3:59 am

Trying to sound sweet here so please dont take my question the wrong way, but could you get a second job?

Purry {=}


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3/22/2006 9:24 am

i could use a massage and you do in calls?-ted send me a message and i will give you my email--sentientus3 here-ps you are beautiful!

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