An Encounter at Watford Shopping Centre  

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An Encounter at Watford Shopping Centre

(A fictional account based on some horny e-mail conversations with a couple on AdultFriendFinder. Maybe one day we'll do it for real.)

I had just ordered a large cappuccino when, glancing around, I saw her for the first time. She was sitting at a table not too far away with a guy who I assumed was her husband. Now I’ve always had a thing for Indian women and this lady was a stunner. About 30 with fashionably cut, shoulder length hair she was talking animatedly to her husband about something I couldn’t hear over the noise of the other patrons. I couldn’t tell much about her figure from where I was standing but she looked to have curves in all the right places.

‘One pound fifty please.’ from the girl behind the counter dragged me away from admiring the Indian beauty further. ‘Pardon me?’ I asked. ‘Large cappuccino, one pound fifty.’ the assistant said holding her hand out expectantly. Normally I would have found this petite blonde a pleasant enough distraction but now my mind was focused on something more exotic.

‘Sorry’ I replied smiling, ‘Too busy daydreaming.’ I handed over some coins and, taking back my change, smiled once more and picked up the oversized cup of steaming coffee. Where to sit? Looking around I spotted some raised tables about 30 feet away from the object of my attention and walked casually through the other diners and placed my cup on an empty table so that I was facing the couple with just 2 women and their children between us.

What made this young woman stand out you might ask. Sure, there were plenty of other attractive girls around the shopping centre that day and many of them were Indian. But this lady wasn’t wearing traditional dress, nor was she wearing the standard jeans & t-shirt that are so common. No, this young woman was wearing a light, floral summer dress with a powder blue cardigan over the top. Even more unusually, she seemed to be barelegged. She was definitely a rare find.

Abruptly, with much scraping and clattering of chairs, the two young mums & their children got up and moved off leaving me with an unobstructed view. Picking up my cup I took a long sip and studied the woman over the rim. I had been right, this exotic beauty was barelegged and, from where I sat, I had a perfect view from the strapped sandals on her feet right up to her thighs as she sat cross-legged chatting. Then I got a big surprise as she uncrossed her legs and sat with them slightly open. She wasn’t wearing any panties! I could see right up her glorious thighs to the dark triangle of hair at her crotch.

I choked on my coffee and started coughing loudly as I put my cup back down. When I calmed down I glanced back across and she was looking in my direction with a slight smile on her lips. I looked around quickly but there was no one else close to me. I turned back and returned her smile cautiously, aware of her husband sitting right next to her. As I watched she said something quietly to him and his hand disappeared under the table and rested on her naked thigh. Then she spread her legs wider and his hand dipped between them to rub once, then twice up the exposed lips of her pussy. I couldn’t believe that this horny couple were putting on a show for me in such a public place. They talked between themselves & drank their coffee while the guy continued to play with her pussy under the table, spreading her lips apart lewdly so that I could see the delicate pink flesh between them.

I wasn’t unaffected by the horny exhibition and my cock had grown to full erection and was straining almost painfully against the fabric of my trousers. Trying to be unnoticed I put a hand down to adjust myself into a less uncomfortable position but the couple saw my movement and both smiled and licked their lips simultaneously. This encounter was getting more and more interesting as I really looked at the husband for the first time. He was an attractive looking guy about the same age as myself & of similar build. I looked closer and thought I could see the signs of a nice sized erection swelling in his trousers.

I smiled back at them and, resting my hand on my thigh, began to gently run my fingers up and down my cock through my trousers as they watched. Then I saw her hand reach under their table and start doing the same to her husband. He looked over and, smiling wickedly, winked at me and pushed a finger into his wife’s pussy. She shook visibly at this intrusion and I was disappointed to see her thighs close as she pulled his hand away. This was clearly taking the game further than she was prepared to go but she continued to lightly rub her husband’s cock as they chatted and finished their coffees.

It seemed to be the end of the sexy fun as they got up and prepared to leave. However, as they turned away and moved off, the guy turned and signalled me with his hand to follow them. I could hardly believe my luck and quickly gulped down the last of my coffee and moved to follow them.

They wandered slowly along window-shopping at various places before going inside a shoe shop. I lagged behind until I saw that she had sat down on the seats to one side of the shop and her husband had brought over a selection of footwear. I knelt down over the other side of the aisles and pretended to examine some trainers while all the time I was staring across at my hot new friends. The husband knelt down between her feet and I was treated to a superb view of her pussy winking at me as she tried on various shoes. Apparently not finding anything suitable the got up and, with a glance over at me, they walked out of the shop.

The couple walked to the escalator to the next level with me trailing close behind. I stood four or five steps behind and as we moved upwards I was treated to a great view of her thighs right up to the underside of her arse cheeks. What a lovely arse it was. The smooth brown skin of her cheeks looked so appealing that I wished I could bury my face between them and ravish them with kisses. The guy saw me looking and inched the dress up to give me an even better view. Encouraged by this I moved up toward them and ran my hand lightly up the back of her leg from her knee to her thigh. She turned quickly and smiled at me.

Coming off the escalator I slowed down and let some distance grow between us again. Our next stop was a clothes shop. Emboldened by their previous responses I moved closer and, as the woman stood looking at a rack of tops I walked up beside her and mad a pretence of examining them as well. As her husband moved behind us as a shield I reached out my right hand and cupped her left arse cheek through her dress and felt her wriggle seductively. Reaching down I slipped my hand up under the skirt and felt her naked bum for the first time. Her skin was so soft and smooth and felt so warm as she pushed back against me. Still pretending to study the clothes on the rack her hand crept towards me and rested lightly on the front of my trousers, her fingers curling to grip my erection. ‘Mmm’ she purred appreciatively as her fingers ran up and down my cock. ‘I’m so wet,’ she whispered, ‘feel me.’ I glanced around to make sure we weren’t drawing any unwanted attention. The shop assistants were gathered around the tills chatting loudly, clearly more interested in their conversation than in serving us as customers, which, on this occasion, was fine with me. I ran a finger lightly between her gorgeous arse cheeks and down between her thighs. She shifted on her feet and opened her legs to allow me freer access. I cupped her pussy with my hand and could feel the heat pouring out of her. My fingertips brushed from her wiry pubic hair back to her anus and then I found her opening and slipped my index finger between her lips. She seemed to be sucking my finger in as it disappeared up to the second joint and I started to twist it around inside her. She moaned quietly and said ‘Now taste it honey.’ I withdrew from her and turned to face her as I very deliberately put my glistening finger to my mouth and then sucked all the juices off it. ‘You taste wonderful’ I replied. She smiled at me, and then releasing my cock, she picked up a couple of tops and moved off towards the changing rooms at the back of the shop, trailed by her husband.

Looking around quickly I spotted the men’s section across the store and quickly grabbed a couple of items from the nearest rack and followed. The husband was standing at the entrance to the cubicle area and gestured toward one end as I walked past. The cubicles lined both sides of a narrow corridor and I walked to the far end indicated by the guy. I saw the curtain move at the last area on the right and I walked up and into the cubicle opposite, sat down on the chair and looked across the corridor. The curtain opposite twitched and I saw the woman look across at me and smile. She pulled the curtain half open as I had and then turned to admire herself in the mirror.

Still facing away from me she slipped off the cardigan and hung it, then started to undo the buttons down the front of her dress. She shrugged it off her shoulders and stood just wearing a black lacy bra. In the mirror I could see her magnificent breasts overflowing the cups as she breathed in and out heavily. She reached behind her, unclipped the catch and slid the straps down, letting the bra hang from her breasts for a moment before taking it off and turning to me. My gaze moved from her fabulous tits, about 36DD topped with dark brown aureolae and big nipples, down past the swell of her tummy to the trimmed triangle of her between her legs. I licked my lips appreciatively and smiled at her. She hefted her heavy tits in her hands offering them to me as she flicked her nipples with her thumbs.

She closed her eyes and moaned quietly as she continued to play with he breasts, rubbing them roughly and pinching her hard nipples until they were fully erect. She looked over, arched an eyebrow and looked me up and down expectantly. In admiring her gorgeous body I had forgotten that I was still sitting there fully clothed. I quickly pulled my polo neck over my head, undid my trousers and stood to slide them down my legs. Hooking my fingers into my boxers I pushed them down and stood to face her. She had sat down and spread her legs, one hand playing over her big tits while the other burrowed between her thighs. She smiled at me as I gripped my erection and offered it to her. I sat down and started to gently skin my hand up and down my length as she looked on. I watched as she spread her legs further and then reached down with both hands to spread her lips wide so that her lovely pinks pussy was fully open to my gaze. She began to slide first one, then two fingers in and out as she stared fixedly at my fingers rubbing up and down my shaft. The rudeness of the whole situation had us both so horny that it wouldn’t be long before we both came. Her frigging sped up and I could hear the squelching sounds as her fingers fucked in and out. I wanked my cock hard and fast as I watched this Indian beauty bringing herself to orgasm in the cubicle opposite. She gasped loudly and shuddered, her thighs quivering as she came hard on her pumping fingers. At the same time I exploded, shooting my spunk across the corridor, splattering drops on the carpet and some even landing on her leg. She reached down, gathered them up on her finger and sucked it into her mouth with a loud smacking sound.

‘Is everything ok darling?’ we heard her husband call. ‘Yes honey,’ she replied ‘we’re just coming.’ She winked at me and reached down to start putting her clothes back on. I pulled my boxers and trousers back up and slipped my polo neck back on, smoothing my hair down and trying to calm myself. I watched as the young woman finished dressing and then he reached down to her leg, gathered the drops of my spunk up on her finger and sucked it into her mouth with a loud smacking sound. She left the changing rooms with a last smile over her shoulder at me. She walked to her husband and kissed him deeply, her tongue probing into his mouth and, I realised, passing my spunk to him as he briefly rubbed his cock through the front of his trousers.

We returned the items back to the racks and I followed the couple out of the shop and towards the card park. I trailed behind as they walked to their car, her husband squeezing and kneading her arse as they went. I got a final glimpse of her thighs and pussy as she hitched her skirt up to sit in the passenger seat. He started the engine and the car moved slowly towards me. He handed something to her and, as the car pulled alongside me, she wound the window down and pressed something into my hand before the car moved off again. It was a small, rectangular card that I held up and read. ‘Raj & Parminder’ it read with a phone number somewhere in northwest London. I put the card in my wallet & wondered how quickly I could arrange to meet my new friends again.

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Nice one, very hot indeed!

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