With Great Sex Comes Great Responsibility  

deanc56 61M
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4/6/2006 10:47 am
With Great Sex Comes Great Responsibility

Any person old enough to have sex is old enough to take responsibility for his or her actions. Sex, though fun, has implications beyond just getting your rocks off:

1 -- Pregnancy. Making babies is, after all, one of the two main reasons to have sex. It's not something most people have to think about. It happens naturally. Whose responsibility is it to prevent unwanted babies? Go back and re-read the first sentence. All partners share the responsibility. If you're having sex without taking the proper precautions ahead of time, you can expect to make a baby. It's that simple. Use your head.

2 -- STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases are epidemic, and there is no reason for it. Guys, unless you know for a solid-gold-guaranteed, proved-beyond-any-doubt-at-all fact that your partner is clean, you'd better have a condom on. Ladies, the same -- unless you know as an absolute fact that your partner is clean, require a condom. Is a good fuck really worth dying for? You decide.

3 -- Satisfaction. It takes two to tango, as they say. Sex is a cooperative venture, except masturbation, of course. Each partner has a responsibility to his/her partner to pay attention to their needs and wants and to try to give as much satisfaction as they receive. Unfortunately, far too many people are just too selfish and are only concerned with "getting some". This is leads to sexual frustration on the part of the other person, which can come back to hurt you. Trust me on this.

Every sexual partner is by definition an adult. Take responsibility for your own actions and expect the same from your partners. You'll both discover that sex is more than just exercise.

Sex is important. It's not just a trivial game. Use your common sense and a little consideration and you can have great sex, not just a meaningless, wasted fuck.

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