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dasher121 37M
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5/5/2006 5:54 am

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5/9/2006 4:25 am

The Gaming Dude.

Not too long ago I did a post about video gaming. I personally am an avid gamer. Recently, I signed up for Xbox live. Now this is the shiznittle snip snap sally(that means its very fun)!!!!!

For those of you not familiar with this Ill break it down for you. Here's the skivy, it works off of the internet. So you get a converter box and run an internet cord through it into the back of your gaming system. And wahlah! You are plugged in to online gaming world! The account you sign up for is similar to setting up a profile on any given site. The most important thing is your "gamer tag"(aka handle in the FFA world). This is what appears on your account and most importantly above your characters head while you are running amuck shooting other gamers!

And thats the point of it, you join a gigantic world wide community of other gamers. They even give you a headset to talk into to others. Which is mostly used for shit talking and organizing your teammates during battle. They rank you in the community for time playing(thankfully mine is respectfully low, as of now anyway lol), kills, and deaths.

Now I will be the first to admit, I suck balls at this shit! My average life span is usually 30 seconds if that! And the shit talkers are out of control. I had some 15yr old in England last night tell me that "you are the worst, I slap my cock across your fucking face". Very creative son, very creative lol.

So Id like to share with you what other gamers hear coming out of my headset during a game:

gamertag: TheDude087

voice headset:

"Holy shit!!!! You got played playa!"

"My bad dude, didn't mean to hit you with that grenade."

"Hey fuck you man! Fucking tool box!"

"*choke cough cough cough hack! oh man, sorry fella's, hit that blunt a little too hard. fuck!"

"AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Kamakazieeeeeee aAaaaaahhhh!"

(singing) "You know its hard out here for a pimp...."

(sarcastic) "wow, you are the coolest dude ever."

(singing) "......when he trying to get this money for the rent....."

"Holy crap same team same team!!! Stop shooting me you fu--and Im dead."

(singing) "...when the Cadillac and gas money spent, will have a whole lotta bitchez jumpin ship"

"really man, you're cool. shut the fuck up. and I shot you in the face. how do you like that? is it pretty? yeah, its so pretty."

"The dude abides."

"where are they?? I dont see- and Im dead. Yep, thats where they were."

Ok, we'll see where this goes.

Imagine you are doing this activity, you're running around in first person shooter mode, battling it out with teenagers and pot smokers across the world:

What is going to come out of the other end of your communicator line?

I need new things to spout out at these little fuckers!

rm_saintlianna 46F
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5/5/2006 6:15 am

You realize you fuckers have no lives right????

When was the last time you got laid, you fucking geek?

Stick this in your bong an smoke it, motherfucker!!!!

Ha! Your fucking punk ass is going back to juvie, fuckhead!!!!

Hey, you asked

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:55 am:
hahahaha, ok ok thats pretty damn- hey wait a minute! That means me too!

digdug41 50M

5/5/2006 6:49 am

I wanna do that shit got the converter just gotta hook it up and get my ass beat in baseball by another kid other than my own sounds like fun dash, will definitely have to peep it out and uh... whatlianna said

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:56 am:
it does bring it to a whole nother level thats for sure! all i can say man is patience, lots and lots of patience.

LaVadaLicious 55F  
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5/5/2006 7:08 am

Dude --- when you gonna learn.. you play with the Big Dogs your gonna get burned.. LOL (thats for you not them hehe)

Stop in and Sign The Guest Book


dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:56 am:
yep, and I get burned quite often!

EroticaXTC 51F

5/5/2006 7:17 am

yeahhhhh, that's right...suckit!!!

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:57 am:
ah, classic but still great hahaha.

EroticaXTC 51F

5/5/2006 7:18 am

you and my 15 year old...two peas in a pod!
(ummmm, that's not a suggestion for your post, lol)

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:57 am:
hahaha yeah figured that lol.

HBowt2 60F

5/5/2006 7:28 am

my young one plays halo all the time.....she's supposed to be very good at good that they don't believe she's a girl....I'll have to unplug her soon

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:58 am:
yeah, after this post I bet a lot of parents will unplug their kids from that!

"holy shit, theres that deviant from the sex site! Get off of there right now honey!"

ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
3902 posts
5/5/2006 7:39 am

gotta run. . must remove gaming from son's room . . . . thanks for the heads up . . .beware offspring of addicted sex bloggers should all be pounding on your door angry as hell . ... rael soon lol hee hee. . . .

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:58 am:
hahahaha watch out! Im everywhere!!!!!!!

nightstalker172 38M
1258 posts
5/5/2006 7:52 am

Not much of a Halo player....but I did play Counter Strike back in the day....most of the time...nothign but cussing comes out of my mouth....whether Im winning or loseing it doesnt matter...its like....

Im going to kill all you motherfuckers

You idiot fucktard noob Im on your team

You go first *sound of shots firing* thank you meatshield.

Why do I get stuck with all the noobs.

I know you're on my team...this is what you get when you kill me fucktard.

*shots firing* Me: god damnit...your supposed to watch my back. noob: I tried but he came out of no where. me: Next time you're going first.

Is that noob blood I smell?

Of course I say alot of othee off the wall stuff...of course this is all while NOT high...never been one to smoke...being drunk on the other hand...yea thats comedy in the makeing

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 3:59 am:
hahahahahhaha! that was some good shit man!!! def going to have to keep some of those insults in mind. Although, last night for the first time, I got called a noob! need to bring my status up some. Dude, I think me and you on the same game would be trouble! We'd have little kids crying ahhahahaha.

jadedbabe78 107F

5/5/2006 9:19 am

    Quoting rm_saintlianna:
    You realize you fuckers have no lives right????

    When was the last time you got laid, you fucking geek?

    Stick this in your bong an smoke it, motherfucker!!!!

    Ha! Your fucking punk ass is going back to juvie, fuckhead!!!!

    Hey, you asked
I'm sorry....but LMFAO Saint.

Ohhhh, I needed the giggle, that was hilarious.

I have no clue about this world, so.....more power to ya, lol.


dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:00 am:
thanks lol. and yeah, no one can top sistersaints responce here hahaha.

rm_AnOddGirl 58F
3469 posts
5/5/2006 9:33 am

So your all about the XBox, is it better than PS2? A friend of mine just got the X, I'm like - if I buy Gunn - will you let me play too!?!?!

Who knows, maybe one day it will be me lobbing that grenade at you!


dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:00 am:
they both have advantages, I have both but def play the xbox alot more. hahahaha now going up against you randomly would def be a trip!

micahbiguns 52M

5/5/2006 10:07 am

I guess you could try the ol whoose your daddy stick lol

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:01 am:
yep, yet another classic insult lol.

pet_humility 50F

5/5/2006 10:24 am

How come this
reminds me of Tourette's Disorder.. FUCKING NIPPLE BITER!!

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:01 am:
you know, never thought of that. you are right though! it does sound like a lot of peeps with that disorder playing most of the time hahahahaha.

goldinboy2 61M

5/5/2006 3:33 pm

Kids your all a bunch of fucksticks when it comes to online gaming. My stepson is an avid player too but hes probable the one running amock trying to kill everything in sight. the little (well not so little anymore) grease all your asses monkey dick. Have fun this weekend and you know after you lose a 100 live it starts counting against your own!!!!!!

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:02 am:
oh yeah, well aware of that lol. like i said, i really suck!

rm_mzbitch2u 48F
63 posts
5/5/2006 7:02 pm

ok, this is for when u die: "well slap my ass and call me sally! fuck!" LOL

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:02 am:
lol, yet another classic........thats why i love them!

StillSmokin2oo6 45M/44F

5/5/2006 9:13 pm

I've been known to take part in some rather vile and obscene shit talking while gaming,,but I won't clutter your blog with my obscenities,,,not much of an online gamer though,,,I have more fun talkin trash face to face with a couple of my buddies after we've sat around and burned a fat one...

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:03 am:
oh i hear you, and thats one feature that i love with the xbox halo. I can play with 3 of my friends just off of my consol in my room and have it online. so i get best of both worlds!

carebearluv2 43F

5/5/2006 9:41 pm

Funny you should mention online gaming, my son has been trying to convince me to break down and buy the convertor. Does it cost you extra on internet access?

Don't have anything when you die, but when you live, how about "Who's the fuckin ruler now bitch?"

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:04 am:
umm, for xbox you have to buy a starter kit, but its pretty reasonable. you buy a subscription and it comes with the headset. for PS2, you have to buy a part for the back of it and whalah, you are in. no subscription needed.

frangipanigal 46F
10406 posts
5/5/2006 10:20 pm

    Quoting rm_saintlianna:
    You realize you fuckers have no lives right????

    When was the last time you got laid, you fucking geek?

    Stick this in your bong an smoke it, motherfucker!!!!

    Ha! Your fucking punk ass is going back to juvie, fuckhead!!!!

    Hey, you asked
You really can't go past these can you!! Great work Saintli!!


dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:05 am:
oh yes, she def gets the gold star for the day!!!

rm_art_persists 53M
1789 posts
5/6/2006 11:03 am

I'm going to make you regret ever playing me

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:05 am:
is that something for me to say, or are you challenging me? muahahahaha.


5/7/2006 4:17 pm

How can I top Saint ROFLMAO!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:06 am:
no one can, def not. but thanks for trying hahahaha.

_Safira 55F
11260 posts
5/7/2006 6:41 pm

I need to have OP #2 respond to these comments.

Safira {=}

This is my blog - Comes With Warning Labels. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:06 am:
oh lord i could only imagine hahahaha.

StillSmokin2oo6 45M/44F

5/8/2006 5:49 pm

I got busted,,now so did you!!!
Sorry dude,,Write or not it's your choice
See travelingintexas for rules!!!

micahbiguns 52M

5/8/2006 10:36 pm

Better yet sign on to game winners . com munication and learn all the tricks and tips to kick there little asses bahwahahahahahahahahah suprised my boys after I did but now they figured out how their uncool old man spanked there asses at there game

dasher121 replies on 5/9/2006 4:07 am:
Nice! thanks man, def going to check that out! I need all the help i can get!

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