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dasher121 37M
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3/2/2006 7:14 am

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3/6/2006 8:35 am

Fake email

Hello hello my peeps and Freaky Darlings. As I logged into my personal email today, this was awaiting me in my "bulk mail." In case you are not familiar, bulk mail is the option in your email account that is where all the "unwanted emails" end up. I get a TON of these and thought that I would share this one in particular, with my own comments added in bold. Enjoy:

"Fake Email"

Please do not respond to this email, the member who has sent you this
invite can only check messages via her website.

hey what's goin on?

(Well, Im currently making a couch out of spag noodles and human fecal matter.)

it's monday and i'm flyin into your neck of the
woods this weekend and was wondering if you'd be interested in gettting a

(Depends, didnt know there was woods on my neck.....AAHH there is there is! Oh, and only if you dont mind me drinking my own urine....Im on a diet lol)

my friend gave me your address and told me to drop you a line.

(Oh really, mental note to self: destroy "friend".)

if you're free you should check out my online bio: *webpage deleted *

(Well it just so happens that I am not free. I cost $399.99 an hour. My specialties are "ass play", toe tapping, french braids, tootsie pop play, and the "hoo-dinie." Thats my favorite, its where we have sex doggie style and I spit on your back making you think that I just came. But when you turn around, BLAM I blast you with a load in the eye.......that costs extra.)

since i fly all the time i like to have someone i can call in all the
cities i fly into.

(Oh I see, Im just some play thing for you to diddle with while you are "Laying over"? Sweet!)

well, just thought i'd give you a quick hello, if
you're free this weekend get in touch. Angie

( after clicking on the link that she left me, that is free, I recognize her face. last week her name was Tina, the week before it was Sarah, and the week before that it was Helen, and the week before that.....it was Larry. Scary Larry, very scary.)

*shaking my head at how dumb they think I am.........I mean dont get me wrong here, Im pretty fucking stupid, like the time I got my cock stuck in a heating duct...........

Schnoogens, His Dudeness.

ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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3/2/2006 5:03 pm

howdy dasher. gross, yet somehow funny. sad thing is some dumb guy/boyfriend/pimp is probably making them do it.

rm_1hotwahine 64F
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3/2/2006 7:33 pm

His Dudeness? Then can I be Queen Wahine?

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

dasher121 37M

3/3/2006 7:45 am


Oh yeah, you have a great point there hahaha.


yep, that is the other shameful part about it.


you can be whoever you want to be lol.

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