Camping Trip from hell(the conclusion)  

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5/30/2006 6:13 am

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Camping Trip from hell(the conclusion)

shove the bowl in my pocket, as the trooper approaches my window the bowl falls back out and clinks on the seat. FUCK!!! I fire up a cig and place it in the ashtray. Thats when I notice my drink in the cup holder. I grabbed a bottle of what I thought was fizzy pop out of Jasons camper before I left. Now I notice that the label on it says "wine cooler" at the bottom, and I drank half of it! Double Fuck!

The trooper knocks on the window and shines his light in my face. My heart leaps into my throat. My hands tremble as I roll the window down. I open my mouth to speak.............

"Hows it going officer?"

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Choice here for me, I can play dumb or half fess up and try not to piss him off. I come from a family of officers of the law, and they HATE being lied to.

"Yeah, I was speeding." Let's see where this goes. All Im worried about is having to step out of the car and be searched. Cause then Im surely fucked.

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

Now Im not dumb enough to honestly answer this, plus he's the one with the radar device, so Im sure he'll let me know.

"No not really sir."

"You were doing 88 in a 65."

Yikes, that is fast.

"Yikes, yep I was speeding alright."

"Where are you heading in such a hurry?"

"Back to Pittsburgh sir. Was camping down in Summersville. And now Im trying to get away from one of the worst weekends ever.

"Why was it so bad?"

I begin bitching to him about my weekend, making it sound really really bad(which wasnt hard).

"I see, license, insurance, and registration please."

I glance down to see if the bowl that fell out of my pocket is in sight. To my surprise, Im actually one of the luckiest unlucky people youd meet. When the bowl fell out, it acutally hit a crease in between the seat and my arm rest, and fell perfectly into it and underneath the seat.

"Everything is in my glove box, can I reach for it?"

"Yes, go ahead." As he shines the light on my hands. I pull out everything I need and hand it to him. Thats when he notices the bottle in my cup holder.

"Whats that?"

"A bottle of Black Cherry Fizzle."

"Let me see that please.......This is an alcoholic beverage."

"What??? Aww man you have to be kidding me."

"Says wine cooler, 4.5 percent alcohol." Fucking wine coolers.

"Sir I swear on all that holy, I was running out of my buddies camper to leave and just grabbed it from the fridge. I would not be dumb enough to speed and drink."

He looks at me for what feels like an eternity then looks at my info.

"Your insurance card is two weeks expired."


I slap my hand to my forehead.

"I have current insurance sir, I just havent gotten a new card yet. Didnt know that expired." I honestly didnt, along with the wine cooler too.

"How much have you had to drink today?"

"A few, Ill take a breathalyzer sir."

"Ill be right back."

So now I figure Im surely fucked. I grab the bag of pot out of my pocket and throw that under the seat. And then I sit....and wait......and wait......and wait....(they always take a long ass time).

He comes back to my car. And this is when I figure Ill hear the words "step out of the car please."

"Here's your information back. Im going to write you two tickets. One for the open container. I could do worse, but I actually believe you that you didnt know. It does look like pop. Its a $70 fine. The second ticket is NOT for speeding. This is for "failing to obey a traffic something(i cant remember). Its a lesser fine than speeding and no points. This one is for $120. I dont think you have been drinking. I dont smell anything and your speech is fine. Slow it down and get home. Wait for me to turn off my lights and merge back in. Drive safely son."

I thank him and start my car up. I guess he felt bad about my weekend. Plus, I was very polite and didnt give him ANY amount of attitude or shit. But I just about had a heart attack.

I made it home an hour later.


And there you have it! Also, from some prodding and joking Ive started a new group on FFA. Its called Keepers of the Flame. Yes, its mostly for FFA members who like to "herbally enhance their lives" but not restricted to just current smokers or those who smoke at all! Im going to have some fun with this as the moderator too!! I mean come on now, it IS me we are talking about hahaha. Anyone can join, but will mostly be discussing the obvious topics as well as jokes, strange shit that I or others come across, ect. Check it out!

Looking4sex44240 55F

5/30/2006 10:06 am

you are one lucky guy.

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:11 am:
like i said a lucky unlucky person hahaha.

dasher121 37M

5/30/2006 10:15 am

yeah i know, probably wasnt the ending you guys were expecting. sorry about that. Lame lame lame!

but hey, i dont always entertain you now do i? hahaha.


5/30/2006 11:10 am

you do keep us entertained...HOW entertained is yet to be determined

Fire up and puff puff and pass

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:12 am:
"how entertained is yet to be determined" hahahaha, like you say better a smart ass than a dumb ass!

LaVadaLicious 55F  
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5/30/2006 1:22 pm

LMFAO -- You better be thanking the gods that be for saving your bad ass

Stop in and Sign The Guest Book


dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:13 am:
oh no doubt about that, kissing the ground right now!

MissAnnThrope 57F
11488 posts
5/30/2006 5:35 pm

Wanna send some of your luck my way? Please? That is, if you didn't use it all up then and there.

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:13 am:
Ill send what I can spare, but believe me i need all that I can get!

rm_mzbitch2u 48F
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5/30/2006 5:53 pm

what a shitty weekend, but im glad that u had enough weed and booze to keep yourself occupied!!

was that like the first time EVER that u havent had to "step out of the car"?

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:14 am:
you know what, come to think of it, yes it was one of VERY few times I didnt have to step out of the car hahahaha.

digdug41 50M

5/30/2006 7:14 pm

you sooo lucky

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:14 am:
rabbits foot jammed right up my arse!

jadedbabe78 107F

5/30/2006 9:00 pm

You lucky

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:14 am:
its the luck of the Irish, doing a jig right now!

StillSmokin2oo6 45M/44F

5/30/2006 10:21 pm

A good time if ever there was one to have luck on your side...

The group sounds interesting,I'll have to check it out...

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:15 am:
oh yeah, def a great time to cash in those lucky tricks! Yeah check it out, Ill be posting some interesting stuff there soon. right now kind of basic cause Im the only memeber hahaha.

MWWwantsmore 52F

5/31/2006 4:09 am

That was one nice trooper

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:16 am:
in my travels, State Troopers especially the ones from the state you live in are VERY cool dudes.

pet_humility 49F

5/31/2006 5:33 am

Your such a lucky bastard.
Its good though that it all didn't up bad. Ok, well except for the tickets, but you could have been someones buddy that night..

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 5:46 am:
oh no doubt, It could have been much much worse.

RedheadedMedStd 35F

5/31/2006 8:52 am

So I gotta question. What was this kid doing while you all were getting high and wasted the whole weekend? I mean I know you jumped with him in the lake (WHICH HE DESERVED THE LITTLE WHINER!), but what about the rest of it?

dasher121 replies on 5/31/2006 10:04 am:
well when we were drinking at night, he was in a tent with a TV and PS2 hooked up to a small generator run from my buddies camper. that kept him occupied, and he went to sleep fairly early. Or he'd watch DVDs.

concupiscentKid 41M

5/31/2006 10:01 am

For someone who lives dangerously, you're instincts are right on (plus based on other posts, you must believe in the power of audacity). Officers get attitude and bullshit at least 95% of the time, so when someone is polite and at least appears on the level, it is so refreshing to the officer that he will be very lenient.
I have a perfect driving record which is enough to make me believe in miracles. I was pulled over twice for sailing through red lights. Before the cop even got to me (both times), my window was rolled down and my license and insurance were held up in my hand. When he arrived, the first words out of my mouth were, "I'm so sorry I did that." I never got a ticket.
Another well-written post.

dasher121 replies on 6/1/2006 9:36 am:
thanks for the comment and the great perspective! Very true, so many people miss the point! why give an officer shit?? you are just going to make things worse for yourself.

MWWwantsmore 52F

5/31/2006 3:56 pm

in my travels, State Troopers especially the ones from the state you live in are VERY cool dudes.

I happen to know a few CT troopers VERY well

dasher121 replies on 6/1/2006 9:36 am:
oh really? and how well are we talking here?? hmmmm...

goldinboy2 61M

6/2/2006 4:58 am

Good job Dude you obeyed all the rules for getting pulled over, never ever give them a hard time and be as honest as possible,really helps when you have a bowl jammed between your legs LOL. Later

dasher121 replies on 6/5/2006 6:32 am:
hell yeah it helps!!! hahahahaha.

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