BB (Blue Berries or Blue Balls you decide)  

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8/19/2006 5:00 pm

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BB (Blue Berries or Blue Balls you decide)

After having lunch today I went down back by the edge of the lawn and woods where there are wild blueberries and blackberries. Only had a hand full of them left after last weekend when my son and me just about picked all the bushes clean. But they where a good treat.
I then went down by the brook at the end of the yard, where there is a swing that I like to lay on and swing and just be lazy.
As I was lying there and swinging back and forth being in a horny mood, my mind started to wonder towards fantasies of being with a lover. And the deeper my mind gets in to its fantasy I can feel my cock getting harder and starting to press against my paints. I have no choice but to reach down and adjust my self so it can grow to its full manhood.

Just that one simple move starts my mind racing with thoughts of softly touching and kissing my lovers back, making her skin tingle as I run my fingers down her smooth skin and I can taste her womanly essence as I kiss her softly with my lips and let my tongue just gently come in contact with her sweet tasting skin which is just a preview to the sense of what is about to come.
Exploring my lovers body, touching kissing her all over to find the areas and kind of touch that make her quiver or breathing change so I can go back to them and drive here wild in anticipation of what is about to come once I have her just about to the point where she cant stand it any more
I slide in to her hot tunnel so slowly and gently felling every inch of her with my cock as I work deeper and deeper in to her bowels of desire. Where my cock is nice and comfy I just let it sit in their like it is wrapped in a nice warm blanket on a cold winters night while I take my hand run my fingers through her hair and give sweet soft kisses on the check working my way over to her ear for a little nibble and some sweet licking and kissing of her neck. To draw some sexual energy with I route down my body to my hips and start working in and out of her at a nice slow pace while still kissing and caressing her to build up my sexual energy
When I have enough energy built up turn all my efforts to hips working in and out of my lover a little faster and harder changing the pace and depth of my stock just to keep her guessing of what is going to come next, giving her some slow long strokes fallowed by a few fast long and short strokes then stop and just let my cock just slide out slowly so it just comes out to the edge of her lips then I take and insert just the tip of my cock in her and pull it out and push it back in just to tease her and when she cant stand it any more I slide all the way in and do it again and when she lest expects it I start drive it in fast and hard pushing my hips hard against hers and hold it their for a few seconds before I start driving her with all the stored energy I have stored up working my cock in as far as I can get it and fast as I can do it.
After tiring my self and having to slow down till I come to a stop with my cock resting in her I move my whole body up on hers so I can slowly work my cock in and out of her at a angle that puts more pressure on the upper part of the opening like it is a massage with my cock and when I feel I am about to blow I push all the way in and let everything I have go.
So to say I had a nice rest on the swing
(Did I tease you me bad)

rm_shannee2006 53F
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8/19/2006 6:02 pm

yup you're a tease. LOL!

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


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