on parenthood and perversion: not letting the kids see you being an adult.  

darkmeat4buns 51M
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4/24/2006 6:43 pm

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4/26/2006 9:51 pm

on parenthood and perversion: not letting the kids see you being an adult.

when people ask my wife and I how we keep our sex lives from our son, we do that typical parental thing: roll our eyes up into our heads. it was easier to hide your sexlife when they were babies. the threesomes we'd have while little one was sleeping and group sessions were amazing, but lately have been lessening as he gets older.

we have often laughed abt the fact that this kid will have more uncles/aunts than most children will. in fact, he's asked on occassion how some of these women were my sister since they...well, don't look like dad! we just tactfully explain that mommy and daddy have friends who are very dear to them and they are more like family.

this isn't going to be advice on what to do with your own children, rather it's more like countermeasures we have enacted to shield our son. first thing is: never introduce anyone immediately to your children. this is a no brainer as that there is no reason they should be introduced unless if you are intending to marry the person in question. also this will provide a sufficient buffer to your family if things do not go well at all. try and avoid hook-ups in public places with your children. there are tragically people who do not use this good sense and they lose dearly should things go sour.

secondly, children are naturally curious. they will locate dildos, vibrators, lubricants whathave you if you don't get creative with your hiding solutions. nothing worse than an ambitious toddler who comes in zooming around a vibrator like a rocket ship in the presence of your family or friends...godz forbid your dour minister! attempt to hide them in a location where it's nearly impossible to open them. it's also a great place to hide cat o' nine tails, candles (for the waxings, silly!), clothespins and nipple clamps. go to Ikea and locate an affordable storage solution.

third, gentle misdirection. ok, I don't advocate lying to children, but c'mon we do it in regards to the Easter Bunny and Santa...what's a gentle lie abt where you're going to at night? teenagers are more inclined to figure you out...so since they misdirect you, do the same, but do so more to where they won't figure it out until much much later...like after you're dead.

children often don't need to be exposed abt such things. I know of a few friends of mines who were actually raised by parents who were swingers, and they were direct with the children...it didn't harm them, but it's really more of a personal choice. our son wouldn't be able to process such things, and we wouldn't want him to now...he's just now discovering girls...yes, we have had the Talk. three times...

Ed19713 47M
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4/24/2006 7:37 pm

I agree that the sexual lifestyles that parents choose should be kept to the parents & the children should be guarded from it! I have four children..1 boy that is 5,set of twin girls that will be 12 & a 15 year old girl. I value & appreciate each & every one of my kids & I do not want to expose them to something that would harm them in any-way,physically,emotionally,mentally or any other. I want my kids to explore & find out on their own,what type of sexual lifestyle it is that overwhelms them. Yes it is years & years away but I was able to discover on my own & I feel that they should be do the same!

darkmeat4buns 51M
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4/25/2006 12:36 am

it's so difficult to keep the adult and the parent seperate. I find it quite entertaining living the "double life" almost like I'm a spy! my wife and I resolved long ago that we're three people: father/mother, wife/husband, and adult. and yes, it's necessary to remember that we are adults, for our own personal identity.

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