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4/24/2006 9:33 am

no matter how you spell it: buttsex, buttseks, bootsox, ad nauseum... nothing beats the utter pleasure of anal loving. What used to be severely punishable and lewd has suddenly become an event that more and more are trying.

instead of me giving advice abt how to have safe, pain-free (or relatively so...) buttsex, I prefer to just tell you why I dig it so.

first off, it's all abt friction. the grasp of the shaft as it glides deeper into the partners ass is simply divine! it feels a little like inserting into a moist finger-sized glove, where the resistance clamps down in the perfect places allowing for the subtle massage of the cock as it glides in.

second, the emotional response of the receiving partner as s/he feels the shaft advancing into their butt. hearing their gasps and moans is the stuff of dreams. it's always especially nice when that partner is fully accepting of the penetration and the penetration is done so that the act itself is met with the more eagerly anticipated response: the push back. just seeing my dark cock slide between a set of round buns is a picture taking event in and of itself!

third, it's an act that can be shared by both partners. true, many men are adverse to anal penetration, but they are because they don't want their friends to know that they are taking it in the ass. men are so predictable...ladies, if you want to penetrate your man, first off do not bring to the bed your monster tamer dildo! just because he's put it in your ass many times doesn't mean that he's gonna be apt to going there! if he will take a finger there or two while you suck him off, then see if he wants to go it a bit further and maybe let you put in a small plug while you ride his cock cowgirl style with him in your butt. it has to be his choice really.

lemme stop here a moment coz I can't stress this enough....we men are a silly bunch. if a woman wants to fuck our asses, we think they want revenge, which is so wrong to assume. they want to fuck our asses coz they like it and they want to share that experience with us. and no guys, you won't go gay...in fact I know of few of my gay friends who take it in the ass, hell I've done it more than them and with girls. but then again, all of my friends are perverts so...

also, the other way of convincing your man is to let him know that it won't change the way the bedroom politics work. you won't become the "man" and he won't become the "woman". in some cases, some guys desire this arrangement, me personally, I like having it because I like the feeling, not to be dominated. I do that and this is my form of pleasure for me. in all reality, the receiving sub in anal congress is really more in control of the penetration, unless s/he trusts totally their dom and no cues are needed. this is where buttsex becomes touchy coz it's the realities that people paint abt it: that you are in a submissive role or that you have been subdued. people, buttsex for buttsex sake is a good thing, don't over-politicize the act. it is one of the more intimate acts that a person can commit, and yes it's possible to enter into a sub-space and feel vulnerable, but if you know that you're doing it coz you like it and want it, you can then own it and allow for pleasure to rain thru you and feel good.

so yeah, buttsex rules and in that I have both sides of the experience in hand, I personally think that it's definately a very pleasurable experience!

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