A fantasy of mine  

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9/10/2006 10:50 pm

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A fantasy of mine

Like all of us, I have a few fantasies. One of which is to have a full on long drawn out night of passion with an older woman. Not super old, but older than myself. A night of lustful passion with someone 28-35 would be a huge turn on. I've had a few variants of situations go through my mind.

One such variant would be me going to an older womans place for some harmless reason and after some time, a little sexual tension building as she very subtly makes passes at me, until finally she gets close and starts pawing at me, reassuring, with her finally making a move and groping me. Mmmm. I'm getting hard thinking about it now.

And after, all bets being off, the two of us abandoning reality and sensually working each other up with lots of foreplay, kissing, caressing, a little dirty talk. Then as we are both completely primed and ready to explode, we lose control and just fuck intensely. Relentless and recklessly ravaging each other round after round. Stopping only long enough to catch our breath and to work each other back up.

The second variant being simply a more direct thing of knowingly going in to ravage an older woman or women. Or even meeting a hot more mature woman at one of my gigs, and talking to her, getting to know a bit about her before playing. Then after the show, going outside and fucking her right there in one of our vehicles. No time to wait to get to either one of our homes. Just take her in such a lude and public way. Mmm...big turn on. Do it sultry one. Fuck me in my own vehicle. Mmm. Equally tasty in my eyes. Obviously though, either of these would be fine with younger women as well, but I am more or less talking about those a little older than me this go round. I think it's a turn on because most older women don't go after young men. I guess I see it as some kind of forbidden fruit. Mmmm...tasty. I want to eat someone's fruit.

I would love for any of you hot women 28-35 to make either of these fantasies a reality. Until then I guess I'll just have to sit here and stroke my rod.

- Chris

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