Pieces of a Dream Man  

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2/6/2006 12:43 am

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Pieces of a Dream Man

Since I am apparently going to be single on Valentine's Day, I've decided to create a dream date made up of bit and pieces of men we all know and love. Me more than most.

Now there are some damn great looking men already out there. Matthew McConaughey is sexy as hell. Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans are hot. I also find men with great senses of humor to be extremely attractive. So don't laugh when I say I find guys like Jason Lee, David Arquette and Tommy Davidson fascinating. Then there are guys whose personalities carry them to the finish line. Would you give Jim Carrey or Tom Hanks another look if they didn't seem to be sweet and wonderful guys. And then there are the few total package guys like Ari Gold, former porn star Blake Harper and Cris Judd, the most perfect man on the planet!

But my exercise today is to take pieces of men to make my date for Valentine's Day. An imaginary "special friend" if you will. So let the games begin.

As far as the face and its features, there is something about Michael Vartan's smile I can't resist. And if I were going for frontal nudity you would be a contender there too. Jake Gyllenhaal has the most expressive eyes. And a mustache like Tom Selleck's in the Magnum days would be the bomb.

Now I love body hair and I assume usually correctly that if you have a hairy chest then you have hair in all the right places( and probably some of the wrong ones) but I say the more hair the better. I can always shave what I don't want. And is there a more lusciously hairy chest than Robin Williams? I think not. Just the chest hair though. But I want a nice chest, not overdone. So I will choose Eric Bana's. No, Christian Bale's. No, Hugh Jackman. My final selection is Eric's. And either Brad Pitt's or Jerry O'Connell's torso.

I also like Lorenzo Lamas's legs from the Falcon Crest days. Simon McCorkindale's and Maxwell Caulifield's weren't bad either.

And now for the featured attraction (in my eyes anyway) Woody Harrelson first came to mind. Mel Gibson has a nice one too. And Bruce Willis's isn't bad either. Another frontal possibility if I were going to do one. Then I realized that the way guys dress these days, everybody looks like they have a decent ass. So I went through my collection.Oh yeah I have a collection. I call it my Somebody'sSonIan of fine male specimens. But anyway, I chose one of the old favorites. Not Van Damme's. I went with Sylvester Stallone's.

Now if you are wondering why I skipped a certain part, it is because I'm not that shallow. If I can get everything else I want, I will take what's down there and work with it.

Now I have to mention a few more guys before I let this go. Fred Savage, I read you visit a certain gay restaurant often with your family but never get hit on. Consider yourself fondled, groped and practically ! You are so hot now in the Crumbs I could eat you up. Richard Gere, Since American Gigolo you've had my attention. Keep being wonderful and full of surprises. And all you men out there, show more skin and often. Until next time, I wish you peace of ... mind and lust in your hearts.

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