so today .. i got a new haircut..  

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2/22/2006 9:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

so today .. i got a new haircut..

yep.. and.. im moody to boot.. so when i told eric.. and he asked..
Why did you cut off your hair..?
Does it look like a boys haircut..?
Is there still enough to grab a hold of..?

of course i was instanstly on the verge of tears.. thinking..and wailing to myself.. "He hates it.." craziness... as he hadnt seen it..and was just trying to get an idea on what it looks like.. but me.. being me.. had a fit for a min.. then.. made a pot of tea.. talked to him on the phone.. decided.. *i need sex.. im frustrated*.. took a relaxing shower.. applied for a few scholarships..and happier..tired..and going to bed..with my new pixish haircute.. and yes..there is still enough to grab ahold of thank you very much.. laughs..sweet dreams yall.. hugs..kisses n lixx.. me..

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