sex does not really happen at 445am..  

dark_whispers 39F
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3/20/2006 9:33 pm
sex does not really happen at 445am..

this morning.. started..much like any morning.. i wanna cry .. cause its 445am.. and im not even in my own town.. cant take a shower till i get home.. grouchy.. barely getta kiss then im running out the door.. and i gotta stop and fill up my gas tank.. but while getting gas.. i grabbed a gynormus cup of coffee w/ cocoa in it.. sipping it..i start feeling a bit more human.. good songs on the radio help.. as im belting them out at the top of my lungs.. get home.. shower n get ready for work.. play a bit online.. send a short love letter to eric.. *smiles*..

a few hours pass..and im at work.. good day.. just good hard work at times.. feels good..and the time passes.. soo.... i get off a bit later than usual.. and sit in traffic.. *sighs*.. come home..and just wanna sleep.. but.. i realize..thats a bad idea.. ill end up throwing off my sleep schedual.. soooo i go to get the shopping done that i need to do.. yea.. i forgot what i went for.. so i turned around.. ended up heading out with becca for a bit..

we decide to stop for dinner.. we have a drink and split a few apps.. yummy
as we leave the parking lot.. we see a little white car.. being lifted.. by several people.. so we stop to help lift the car too.. they appreciated the extra help..then one more car stopped.. and with that help..the car got unstuck.. good thing too.. cause..i think.. they were a bit afraid the cops would stop.. *i didnt ask no questions..just went on my merry way.. feeling good*

so then we swing into the BigK cause we need some dish soap.. walk in .. and they are havin a sale on towels n stuff.. so we just kinda start looking them over.. then went to the big section..and started looking.. i wanted to know how the towel would fit.. and yep..its decided.. a regular towel.. wont cover my ass.. well it will but ..leaves a gap right in the *cookie*.. yeap.. soooo i blame my mom.. big hips run in the family.. *yea..cause im not gonna blame myself for substituting sugar for all the cigs i used to smoke..ooohhhh nooo.. not that...laughs*

ohhh.. and we found the bath sheets.. becca wrapped one around me.. *almost went twice..* huge.. coool.. i want one.. and then i wanted to see how well two people fit in one.. and i think.. with a bit of snugglin.. you could both manage to get dry..and stay.. semi covered... laughs.. and then.. i was trying to play dress up with the bath sheets.. i tried to look like a nun.. *shrugs not so welll*.. but.. then i tied it around my neck like a cape.. and went running thru the isle.. yelling 'im batman'.. and ..while no criminals ran away screaming.. i did get a giggle or two from the workers..

and then.. watched like 3 episodes of angel.. wow.. im becoming a tv person..ickkk.. and gonna go to bed.. *smiles* n dream.. happy sexual dreams.. hugs..kisses..n lixx..

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