funny how everything takes on a new sexual life..  

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1/10/2006 12:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

funny how everything takes on a new sexual life..

when you are avoiding it..

i have to laugh at myself as i type this.. in the past few days.. everything.. keeps somehow being sexual.. *like..this is a big surprise..? laughs* ..but some of the happenings..have just been kinda funny..

i was doing dishes at work.. and got water on my skirt.. didnt realize it..and started to go do something else..well..i had gotten the skirt wet..right over my crotch.. and said wow.. its all wet between my legs and just feels wierd.. *much laughter.. and me with a red face..when i thought about what i said*..

one of my lez friends was talking to me..about frustrations in life.. and started using words like..throbbing..hard and pounding.. shrugs.. you name it.. there was an angle.. laughs..

i was shaking the whip cream at work.. and when i went to squirt it on top of a drink.. it slipped from my hand and splashed right into another drink.. everyone started talking about my new splash zone..

i couldnt get the lid off the whip cream.. started fighting with it.. and it ended exploding alot of whip cream into my hand...

i spilled water from a bucket in the dished all over my chest.. got remarks of how amazing it is.. that no matter what im doing.. i am always just so wet..

i have been shown nipples.. asses.. had my ass slapped.. and thought about buying a pogo stick..

yes.. i going thru the purple elephant syndrome.. its like.. everywhere i look..there is sex.. everywhere.. the more i try not to think about it.. the more its everywhere..

even the cute little 18 year old at work.. has taken to randomly commenting on my ass.. *the 5lbs i have gained since quitting smoking.. yea..he said he found them.. and i keep finding him..right behind me.. laughs..

i think..i must amuse the gods.. im off to register for the massage therapy program.. hugs.. n kisses to all..

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