a new dance..  

dark_whispers 39F
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4/6/2006 2:40 am
a new dance..

the music was playing.. and i was so wrapped up into it.. i was dancing and laughing.. being held close..

the tempo was perfect.. we moved like one.. holding onto each other tightly.. swept away in the rhythm..

in the middle of it all.. everyone faded away..
there was no one left but the two of us..

the music is changing.. switching to a song.. i do not really know.. the beats all different..

i cant seem to keep up with this dance.. its different.. and we cant seem to get the rhythm..

still holding onto each other.. but what was minutes ago.. smooth and flowing.. has become jerking and stiff..

we keep waiting for the music to change back to what we know.. but the nite seems almost over.. and i think the band is almost done..

when the music was familiar it was so easy and fun.. do we stay here.. holding each other.. trying to learn the new steps..

or do we let go.. with a kiss.. to sit this one out..

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