Just another update  

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2/13/2006 8:40 am

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Just another update

there are times.. that i swear.. im freakin fallin apart..
im making like a million odd steps in this grand dance forward..

on the physical health part.. im sick.. again.. and have been..
*i have quit smoking.. quit drinking the mass caffine..*
and i cant knock this cold.. sniffles.. coughing.. *sighs n shrugs*..
sugar is my next big step.. *and adding more exercise* i sooooo need to work out some kinda bartering system with a yoga or pilates instructer.. or get a job at a gym where i can take classes.. but..gotta go do bloodwork tomorrow.. and then ill see if i gotta readd supplements..
*which..im supposed to take anyway*.. but freakin b-12 shots.. are not somethin i can give myself.. *i have volunteers now who say they will help me.. sooo.. ill see where im at.. get back on track.. *gotta fit my ass back into my pants..grrrrrr*.. but..im truly enjoying the newly found breasts.. shrugs..how to keep one..and lose the other.. laughs.. n jiggles..

on the job front.. i keep getting offered jobs that i cant take.. 8-5 or 9-5..types.. and i will start getting down on myself.. wondering why school is so important at this time.. and if im doing the right thing..
then i remember that i have the support of my friends right now.. who are so very encouraging.. even to the point of askin if i have all my bloodwork done for school..*gotta get shot testing done..and a ppd*.. and i remind myself..that if all goes well.. by next year.. i will be so much more on my chosen path.. i want to help people.. and i am.. *besides.. i have sooooo many volunteers for the 25 massages i will have to do..laughs*.. yes.. friends are encouraging..

i would love to work in another coffee house..but it does not seem to be in my cards.. i had discussed opening one up before.. and .. im seriously thinking about what it would take.. shrugs.. lots of ideas im spinning.. for now.. the gas station that sent me home after 8 min called me back and want me to actaully start working tomorrow.. and the coffe/tea/hooka shop right in the next plaza from my old job.. want me to start there as well.. so i do have opportunities.. not exactly the dream stuff.. but im also supposed to hear from a lady who would like part time home health care for her son.. i would love that position.. but.. im still waiting to hear.. *sighs*...

ohhh..and on the dating scene.. yall know im seeing Eric.. and i cant even begin to really tell you what thats like for me.. he is alot of things.. and the more time i spend with him.. the more i get to know him.. the more i find myself loving him.. and it makes me wonder why i was in such denial before.. laughs.. but.. i do learn.. and i really enjoy the time i spend with him.. *would enjoy it more if i wasnt sick all the time..and my car was in better order..shrugs..workin on it*.. he doesnt push me.. he is very supportive.. with out trying to run things.. its.. odd.. and different for me.. im finding this a unique dating experience.. yes..in the past..i chose alot who were not so desirable.. *part of why i stayed single for so very long* it was about a year.. i realized.. with a 3 month stint in there as a rebound with a horrible ex.. shrugs..

so today..we went to the flea market..and bought some of the lucky bamboo plants.. im interested to see how they grow.. love n light.. me..

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