Dessert part 1  

dark_whispers 39F
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2/1/2006 11:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dessert part 1

Holding my hand.. and smiling.. he leads me to the bedroom..
As we talk.. my hands roam his body.. I find myself fascinated..
I want to touch every part of him..
I run my hands thru his hair.. listening to him.. tell me of his day..
Kissing along his jawline.. smiling.. nodding that listening..
running my fingers over his collarbone.. kissing his neck..
gently biting the place where neck and shoulder meet..
listening as his breath starts changing.. still trying to talk..
my skin is growing hotter.. my cheeks starting to feel flushed..
you feel amazing.. my fingers start slowly unbuttoning his shirt..
one button at a time.. suck lightly on your earlobe.. you shiver..
another button.. your hand in my hair.. another button..
pulling me to you.. another button.. kissing me hard..
another button.. I pull your bottom lip into my mouth..
another button.. biting it sharply.. sharp inhale..
pulling back to look at you.. shirt totally undone..
my hand.. on your stomach.. making small circles..
brushing you thru your pants.. before trailing up to your neck..
looking into your eyes.. and teasing you .. smiling..
as I rake my nails down your chest..

you flip me.. pinning me on my back with a hard kiss..
tugging my shirt out of the way.. to trail kisses down my stomach..
laughing.. as I pull you back.. ‘no…no… no.. keep it above the waist mr’
giggling.. as you shoot me a look.. your eyes looking dark..
I know.. you will get me eventually.. but.. how far..can I push.. smiles..
You kiss me.. deep.. but with a gentleness.. my breath is gone..
Kissing my neck.. my shoulder.. back down my stomach..
Kissing me thru my pants.. tugging at my buttons..
‘ laughing.. keep it above the pants..’
And so he does..
Kissing and biting.. and rubbing me thru my pants..
Shivers.. running thru my body.. a small moan slips past my lips..
And I pull him up for a kiss.. as my shirt is coming off..
‘its only fair.. we should both be topless..’
He smiles.. kisses me again.. and begins biting down my neck..
Teeth sinking into the top of my shoulder.. I whimper..
Pull him closer.. he bites harder.. my eyes are closed..feeling..
Its starting.. my body ..all tensed .. and starting to throb..
Wetness.. soaking my pants.. he bites harder..

And im pulling at his pants.. he sits up.. and lets me take them off..
Sighing.. as I run my hands down his body.. look up at him..
Cup him gently as I circle my tongue and pull him into my mouth..
I barely get to feel him there.. and is pushing me to the bed..
Pulling off my pants.. kissing down my body..
Finding my nipples.. pulling more and more into his mouth..
Biting.. and sucking.. tugging and teasing me.. pulling and squeezing..
And its happening again.. my body rocking into his ..
Kissing and biting lower.. nibbling on my hip.. as I try to escape..
He rolls me back.. looks at me.. his hair is all wild.. and grins..
He parts my legs.. light teasing kisses .. circling the spot..
Running my fingers into his hair.. pulling him closer..
Willing him to where I want him.. and his mouth finds the spot..
He tongue… working in slow .. light licks.. its driving me insane..
Everything.. the slowness ..the lightness.. im aching..
My fingers digging into him.. trying to pull him closer..
And.. his hands..grab mine.. and he speeds up..
His mouth moving harder and faster.. and then ..
Turning.. just a bit.. to bite down.. just on the tip..
Sending shock waves thru me over and over again..
As he brings me to the edge.. and backs me down..
To the edge..and back down.. and then.. again.. pushing me over..
Dipping his head.. lower.. tongue.. tasting me.. drinking me in..
On and on.. to the edge.. back.. slower.. harder.. faster.. pushing..
And my head has hit the wall again.. I cant even try to wiggle away..
And im begging.. and moaning.. and screaming.. and its not ending..
He is pushing me further..and further.. im pleading..
‘please.. please.. oh god.. please.. I need you.. please.. ‘
Tears are in my eyes.. and my breath is ragged.. and finally..
He lets my hands go..and I cant pull him to me quick enough..
Slow down he says in my ear.. and he slowly enters me..
So slow.. I feel myself stretching for him.. pulling him further in..
I want more.. I need him.. Now.. and he pushes in the final inches..
pulsing around him.. As he moves slowly in and out..
my nails digging into his back.. pulling him closer.. harder..
he quickens his pace.. as his breathing is heavy in my ear..
biting my neck.. filling me.. over..and over again.. harder..
touching every part of me.. with each stroke.. moaning ..
crying out.. biting his neck.. losing myself to the feeling of him..

mailmantrouser2 55M
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2/2/2006 1:26 am

Almost poetic, you certainly have a flair for describing your feelings, emotions. Is it like that for you every time?

MillsShipsGayly 52M

2/2/2006 6:36 am

He rocks, you rock .. together you rock and roll

I agree with "yummy"

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