When it rains it pours...  

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1/24/2006 2:13 pm

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When it rains it pours...

Most of the day yesterday was spent waiting for ivoryhunter8 (ALT) to call. He never did call.

In the afternoon I was on line talking to sddrama2007 (AdultFriendFinder) and invited her over just hang out and meet my wife and I. She thought about my request and in the meantime was referred to a swingers party this weekend by tasteoftoledo (AdultFriendFinder). I still have yet to hear from the couple that runs it and receive an official invite.

sddrama2007 (AdultFriendFinder) changed her mind and decided to cum over. After talking for a few hours her talk of sex made maria hot. After a nice 'round we were relaxed enough to break the ice. The two girls were sitting on the couch when I walked over to my wife. maria pulled my pants down and began to stroke and lick my cock as I got hard. This new lil slut had no problem watching maria suck my shaft. When I just had to try this new whore out I told maria to get up and sat down on the couch. steph immediately grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I couldn't resist playing with her nice tits. she's got one nipple pierced as well as her hood! Her blow job, seen here, was great. the bitch kept her mouth close around my cock and sucked it down nice and deep.

Once I was hard I figured it was time to start getting these two horny bitches off. The new one stayed on the couch while I got on the floor with maria. I started feeling my way around the new slut's pussy as I worked maria's with my other hand. The first one asked to cum as I felt my way around sddrama2007's piercing with my tongue. She moaned and shook as her cunt dripped. She tasted great and as I worked her clit in and out of my mouth I allowed the first slut to cum again.

As I continued to bring this new bitch to climax the first did something that shocked me. She watched me work my two middle fingers in and out of the slut's pussy. "Can I touch it Sir?" she whispered. I was floored. "Of course" I replied. She ran her hands inside her thigh and into her first wet pussy. steph was very supportive of her exploration and helped her find her way around a little. I must say it was hot and mind blowing at the same time. I never thought my little cock whore would be that interested in a cunt.

Soon after she achieved climax I was horny but wiped. I had wore my bitches out and could tell they were tired. I needed a break as well, so the new one left and maria went to bed.

Oh no, it doesn't end there. I then jumped on line and found msharleygurl, my little whore in training, still on. she told me of a caller she had on his way and I asked if I could join. I must say I was rip rearing to go yesterday, I still don't know what inspired me to take such initiative. He soon arrived but the answer was no, and she promptly signed off. Disappointed, I retreated to Runescape.

My bad lil slut returned a while later and I waited. I understand the rejection but would like to be a little more "in the know" I guess. It's my right as a Master to understand and approve the situation, if I so desire. I do no require approval but I do like to know what my little bitches are up to .

Well she apologized, I made a note but was not to angry about the whole thing. Still horny anyway I agreed to stop by her place. After having a nice little chat about both our nights the fun began.

I'll be honest, she did a much better job describing this in Another allnighterMy sleepless account of a wonderful night. I brought my toys over and was ready to collar and punish her. she's due, but I can also tell she needed companionship. I instead decided to teach her a few nice lessons, as I feel that can be more effective than punishment at times.

Is it a cop out not writing for myself? No, she does an excellent job especially in this post. I think I've given you enough information that you can fill in the details if you're even reading.

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