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1/23/2006 2:32 am

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Read the next post first, then this one

I hope you are reading this post second, as I had a lot to get out and felt like making two separate posts cause I can.

After all I am a master, with two bitches now in toe . When arriving home from work on Sunday Maria was nervous about the planned visit of ivoryhunter8 (ALT). Msharleygurl's recent submission fresh in my mind I invited her over to lighten the mood. We all talked about everything, and after a shopping trip maria and kelly had agreed to do the black guy together, as my wife does not really like to be eaten out and that's what he wanted.

He called late, and wound up postponing until tomorrow (Monday). With msharleygurl there my mind was going . I ran the general idea of a threesome by the both of them and my reactions were positive. While sitting on the couch next to me maria began playing with my crotch and took out my rock hard cock. She began to lick me up and down but kelly was too nervous to look. The first bitch went to town on my cock, and I tried to talk to the other to loosen her up. She eventually was comfortable enough to watch and enjoy.

After growing tired of maria's repetitive motions I told her she'd had enough. She got up and I summoned my second bitch kelly over. Immediately kelly sucked my cock down at least an inch deeper then my first bitch. I couldn't help but moan louder and desire to see. I motioned to maria to snap a picture and I love what I got. I can't believe what a good cocksucker kelly is. And now she's mine !

On the verge of orgasm I had kelly stop and tried to decide who to fuck. The first insisted I only fuck the second and that she would get me later. I told her to shut the fuck up and figure something out. I eventually had kelly lay on her back while maria watched from the side. The first fucked her own pussy with our Dong while I pounded away at the second. I could feel her pussy convulse as she came a few times. By the time I got hard, I was really hard and not feeling like I would cum anytime soon. maria was discovering she loved what she was watching and I continued to pound until I felt her cum again.

The first still wanted me as I hadn't cum yet so she bent over and presented like a good girl. I inserted and she was sloppy wet. I pounded and allowed her to cum several times. msharleygurl watched and I was impressed at her attentiveness. I instructed her that she would have to ask my permission to cum as well from now on like my first bitch. The first one came again and seemed satisfied, yet my hard on remained. I could see kelly wanted it, and was soon bent over waiting.

I approached from behind and I slid my rod between her lips. She spread her hips and moved herself backwards onto my cock. I began to pound her and she let out a moan. maria could see me strain and came up behind me to help. She caressed my ass and whispered in my ear as I pounded away at my new little whore. I finally blasted my load into her throbbing cunt.

What a night, and who knows what's to cum! I could have anything up my sleeve next stay tuned!

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