Bound and gagged  

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1/18/2006 2:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bound and gagged

Hello everyone, this is Daddy's little girl, maria. He wants me to tell all of our experience last night from my perspective. It started earlier in the evening, the baby was napping and we were on here looking through porn. i told Daddy that i wanted to bring out Tyrone and fuck myself with it while we watched. He liked this idea. But we couldn't get very far because Raiden woke up. We decided to hold off until later. When He was finally down for the night Daddy brought out the toy bag and told me to get out what i wanted. i picked some ky and my collar. Daddy then told me i was going to be wearing my ball gag and shackles, too. i was scared at first, but i knew that Daddy wouldn't do anything to harm me. He promised me that He'd get me good. He bent me over and put my hands in the shackles behind my mouth. i presented my freshly shaved pussy and waited with great anticipation and anxiety. He first fucked me with Tyrone. Fucking Nigger, always gets me off though. Daddy put some of the ky on him and made me nice and sloppy. Then He began to play with my ass. The whole time i thought He had His finger in my ass, but later i discovered it was my butt plug. Anyway, it felt amazing. A few times while Daddy was fucking me i didn't know that He had both holes full, i just had a rush of pleasure surging throughout my body. After i exhausted myself, i begged Daddy to fuck my ass. He kept Tyrone in my pussy and put His amazing cock in my ass. He worked both of them so well i was overcome. At one point Tyrone slid from my pussy and i begged Daddy not to put him back in. Daddy is so good to me. He worked my ass hard and i enjoyed every minute of it.

The baby was napping and i was on line when Daddy woke up this morning. After He woke up some i began to play with His delicious cock. i think i'm getting better at deep-throating and Daddy really enjoys my efforts. He likes to tease me by talking dirty to me and playing with my holes. He knows that i just want cock and He loves to see me squirm for it. i begged Him to fuck me and He allowed me to pick the position. i wanted Him to fuck me while i was laying on my stomach. i miss the old days when He could come fuck me in my sleep. Now we have to worry about waking the baby. i envisioned that and got sloppy wet. He finished me on my back with my legs in the air. i love to feel his cock inside me. i don't know what i want to do tonight or if i can ask for a reprieve. i know Daddy will take care of me either way and i will do the same.

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