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1/17/2006 2:37 am

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Back into the

Within a few hours of signing on this morning I had talked to two potential new whores. I even jerked off on cam for one of them.

The real fun didn't start till tonight, however. Maria was probably sore from yesterday I thought and didn't think she'd be up for more. I asked and she said she didn't, so I tried to make arrangements. msharleygurl was more than willing to help me out, as always . I made plans with her for later and the wife made dinner.

When she got a break Maria sat down with me and wanted to look through profiles on our name openohcpl. Sure enough she got all horny seeing all the guys interested in her pussy. She wanted to blow me so I had her sit down and immediately invited the same guy who watched last night. His reaction was quick and positive. She gave me a very good BJ, her bangs still nicely curled and looking up and me most of the time. She did a very good job in spite of my cock being bigger than usual. I soon blew my load all over her quivering lips.

We resumed later when I told her I would get her off. I would still be able to get off again, and she knew that as well. It wasn't five minutes after a 'round that she emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a shirt on and a big black dong. My little bitch wanted it bad.

She laid on the couch and spread her legs. I easily slid the toy into her wet pussy. I hadn't even had it all the way in when she arched her back and feet. She let out a breath and closed her eyes. "Fuck me nigger!" she yelled as I began working it in and out of her. This made me rock hard and I unzipped myself and made her suck me while I fucked her with the big black dick. I let the bitch cum and looked down at her cunt. The whole area around it was beat red! It was crazy, it was like she was showing just how aroused she was. I knew she was loving this, so I continued to tease her about being a fat nigger whore while she sucked my cock and I pounded her cunt with Tyrone. She was trying so hard to tell me how much she hates niggers with a mouthful of my cock. Oh man it was so fucking hot.

After me holding down her sissy little struggle put her over the top, I was still a ways off. I had done my job with one bitch now it was on to another horny little slut.

I picked up a hint from my second whore msharleygurl. She had a role play fantasy that I wished to indulge her in, so I sneaked into her house. I crept up to her bed room where she was lying down (music was playing loud to mask my arrival). I came up behind her and started rubbing her leg. I wasn't long before we were making out.

It wasn't long before I was hard, so I pushed her buttons and got her cunt all nice and wet. I slid my fingers in her twat, and it wasn't long before all four were in. She arched her back and moaned. I started thrusting my fingers up, and she began to jerk me off. As she got more into it I reached a finger down and slid it up her ass. This put her over the top as she trembled. I reached my other hand around so I could play with both her holes a bit. I got her off again and was ready to pound this bitch.

I asked her how she wanted me, and her indecisiveness yet again wore thin on me. I pushed her back and decided to simply put her legs up and pound her. She cried out as I grabbed her big hips and slammed her harder and faster. She tried to squirm away but I grabbed her arms and held her down. "I'm gonna pound you 'till I'm done with you slut" I told her. It wasn't very long before she tightened up and I could feel her cum. I finally felt a release and was exhausted and out of breath.

I'm still proud of my new little bitch for giving up control. It's hard, especially with a freak like me . You subs know what I'm talking about. She's so trainable though...

Who knows how much more interesting things can get...stay tuned!

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