The Big Decision at Last  

daredevon 53F
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8/23/2005 9:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Big Decision at Last

At last. It took long enough, didn't it? But now I am excited, even though the process of moving will begin.
Yes, friends. I am moving to Las Vegas.
Not permanently, to be certain. But for at least 4 months, or 6. LOL ... of course I won't actually be at my residence any more then than I have been in Denver.
The book-research with my friends will continue as necessary. Other than that I will help tutor some students (English, comments please, my blog isn't really an indication - I can write better!).
I spent soo many years in Denver, lost the love of my life there, pined away in despair for awhile, climbed out of the depression and reexamined life and my place in it (with the help of my gone but not departed lover), and delved into a subject that many around me are far too closed-minded to be able to accept or appreciate. The book-work has been wonderful and eye-opening and adventurous. Now in new surroundings I will continue to help with that, and embrace the new lively surroundings of new for now. Las Vegas is wonderfully alive, not as sinful as made out to be. People for the most part are wonderfully friendly. And I've been schooled while visiting here on just where to avoid. I know not to spend too much time on the Strip - otherwise temptation might reach too readily for the purse. Oh, I'll hit it on occasion for a bit of fun but I have much willpower. There's some fabulous food all over the city too.
And I love chocolate (look out Ethel M!!).
SO I'll whisk back to Denver briefly with friends, gather what I need, and then back to the desert for a bit. I am blessed with friends who help take care of me when I need it, and take care of my possessions when needed. Such a friend is trading places with me - she will assume my home Rocky Mountain abode and enjoy the tennis and skiing and Broncos (altho I'll be flying in occasionally to enjoy my Bronco boys1!).
I'll enjoy the sun, heat, wind and never-ending lights and sounds. And still exchange mail with my friends who've taken time to write me on this site in Denver and elsewhere. And someday when I'm back in Colorado perhaps we'll be meeting.
But for now - the move is needed and I'm excited.
I love the Colorado high, where I've lived and loved and shed tears and enjoyed life so well. But soon it will be Viva Las Vegas, with new adventures and whatever it brings.
I love you Denver! And I'll be back one day.
Oh, and could you get a major league baseball team in town before I return?
(Sorry, couldn't resist. LO.

beyondshadox 53M

8/23/2005 10:26 pm

G'luck. I'm sure we'll be visiting soon about this? Sounds great. But unless you find a buyer, the baseball situation ain't good.

rm_amorousex 54M

8/26/2005 3:15 pm

Devon...congratulations on your decision. I always suspected that might be the way things would turn out. Leaving a place full of so many friends and memories will be a bit change but it’s nice to hear you’ll occasionally return. Changes can be difficult but you’ve grown so accustomed to how to make the best of them it just becomes an additional adventure. You know I would have like to get to know you better while you were here….but perhaps this step of your adventure could someday lead me to one of my own. Talk soon…. Bill

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