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2/26/2006 7:31 pm

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Just checking in

It's incredible how much time has passed since I took time to write. The move to Las Vegas occurred, while faithful galpal Carol rents my Denver place. Truthfully, I love living in Las Vegas (altho I have not in fact spent more than a month in my new home since I moved). I have travelled and will continue to do so, mostly working with my two aforementioned friends on the book on hauntings, ghosts and their abodes, whether real or alleged. We've been in all kinds of towns....Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, Elk City, Albuquerque, Reno, Truth or Consequences, Roswell, Pueblo...just to name a few, and the journey has been good. I am not going to detail much in any current blogging, most of this stuff makes its way into my buddys book, and honestly by the time I live most of the adventure, whether tedious (much of it is) or excitement (some of it is) by the time I sit down I'm tired of the editing and this place is largely a fun escape.
I meet many people thru this site, exchange email with a few, laugh at a few of the offers and pleadings, and appreciate all honest letters with their compliments and anything (well, not a couple of them) most write.
The sex life doesn not suffer, no. I do have a friend from Denver with whom I enjoy some respite occasionally. No, that doesn't preclude my enjoying anothers company at some point, we aren't exclusive partners, just careful and clean ones, (and I know even with little offering of hope from me one or two gentlemen do hold out hope, you two in Denver and in Santa Fe). There are two lovely sounding couples that I'm dying to meet for some new friendship soon, who I'm disappointed time hasn't allowed me to meet personally yet. I hope we'll xchange email until then. And a lovely young woman contacted me recently wanting to get together, and I hope that will happen. So yes, intentions are good, time just isn't just yet.
I've been called a tease (yes, sometimes I am, but I never lie and intentionally lead anyone on) and called a whore (hmm - don't recall sleeping with you bub, and I don't need anyones money...altho god knows its been offered a few times. LO. I never stated in my blog or profile I was fucking all comers, so to a couple of you who thought I did, please read again and don't email me again. Yes, I have a pair of lady friends and a couple that is dear to me and we play together, so if you have a problem with a healthy girl-on-girl relationship then I'm not your girl either. So that guy who mailed me last week asking if I was really a "twat" teasing guys pricks while eating my girlfriend out...if it helps your manly ego to think I rejected you because I like girls more, go ahead. I have friends of both sexes, and play with both, altho quite frankly even while extremely tempted a few times in the past few months I haven't had time to consummate new male friends up close and personal. Maybe someday soon (I can hope). That is not something that demands my attention tho, sorry.
This is a remble-fest huh? That's what happens when I stay off the blog, letting tons of scathing or irritating email get to me without answer.
Those who still email me asking how I am THANK YOU! I really DO appreciate being thought of, even sought after or lusted for. Makes a girl feel wonderful!! XOXO. Those who get mad because I don't write, don't answer, turn down your network request...we just aren't compatible, you're not interesting, or all you thought you needed to offer me was that cock shot to hook me. So sorry.
So...that's the blog for tonite. I'll try to do better. Right now at this moment I'm in a little hotel in Salinas, KS. Now I'm going to enjoy a nice glass of wine with my friend Lise, let her use my 'puter for a bit, and settle in. There's work to be done tomorrow.
To those who truly care, I truly appreciate you. To those who just want to nail me..so sorry.
Goodness, not in one previous blog have I used such language or gotten so assertive, I don't believe. But I feel much better. The pent up emotions from catching up on my email is released.
As usual, all my best.

rm_breeeze64 53M

3/5/2006 1:18 am

Hey Devon, this is Andre` from Oz.
This is my first comments to your Blog as I have only recently invited (& you gladly accepted, Thank you) you to join my friends network. I just wanted to share with you (in brief) what drew me into your profile to begin with.
While you are a very attractive woman, reading your honest profile gave me a little insight on the woman inside that beautiful body.
Moments into your profile it was clear that your physical beauty compliments the inner you...not the other way around. Sadly for most men, but not so much for women, they tend to be blinded by the physical & disregard the true person that sadly they may never really meet.
With regard to your blog, I'm assuming you are following a dream to investigate, document & publish your findings in the way of fictitious novel...would I be right in assuming that?
To me it all sounds very exciting Devon...but that doesn't mean that I could delve into the world of the super natural.
Strangely enough, I'm rarely afraid of anything yet your choice of research would scare my pubic hair's to straighten
I admire your stand on the ignoramious's that seemed to enjoy venting their sexual frustration on the life you have created for yourself...I thought you handled your responses beautifully...In time these clowns will realize that they have control over no-one else except their own miserable existence.

daredevon 53F

3/5/2006 9:55 pm

Thank you for the nice comments.

The books not going to be fiction. That would be easier
than the real thing. Not that fiction is easy (although I wouldn't know, I've never written any). This research, interview, investigation and editing thing is hard work!
And the subject matter doesn't sit well with some other folks, male and female alike. But I don't care what they think. To be scared of it is OK, some of it you should be frightened of. But many are just closed little minds in their own little insulated world, not willing to see beyond or accept possibilities. Tis a pity.

rm_breeeze64 53M

3/26/2006 6:18 am

Hey Devon..
my apologies for the lengthy delay in reading your reply...it does sound like a lot of hard work, but judging by your character, it's all part of the journey. I'm guessing that with out the passion you have for your chosen interest, you would not be traveling around the country explaining the unexplained...Good for you girl!!
Did I mention that I admire you for following & living out your dream...a very rare quality in society today. I'm just wondering now if we have any unexplained mysteries here in Oz that you may be able to add to your book I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time my dear, Live life & stay safe


rm_breeeze64 53M

4/19/2006 5:50 am

Hey Devon..Its been a while since you touched base. I hope all is well at your end, especially with regard to your fathers health. I was quite saddened to read the news of your fathers poor health. It took me back to a time when a very close friend, a father figure, fell ill & gave every one a big scare. I'm pleased to say he recovered quite quickly & has since lived life with greater appreciation.
I wish the same speedy recovery for your father Devon.. look upon this time to remember & appreciate those little things that we sometimes take for granted...I mean no disrespect by my comments Devon, just sharing my thoughts I experienced not so long ago.

Wishing you & your family many wonderful moments together

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