is that the same girl  

darcon71 46M
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6/29/2006 12:59 am
is that the same girl

you know, the one we talked about
the one you forgot, the one you can't forget.
Was Toni a chinese man or some other woman?
Wasn't it you I saw on the mantle?
Didn't I talk to you,
and look at your left hand the night
I called Lacy a cunt?

When I met that girl, she had just been born
we would shower together and live together
all she wanted to do was make me happy
when she wants what she wants and wants it bad
I do what I gotta do, sometimes it takes hours

she used to like to swim
now she runs from the water
but is always asking to go to the beach
to take her to the pool
to leave her alone, or spoil her
with every little bead of sweat
every little drop of the lifeblood
every once and watt or measure of your energy
she is hard to please
i wish she still liked to take a bath
my baby, my abby

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