dont spare the details.  

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dont spare the details.

So we finally met after exchanging emails and numerous chats, we felt comfortable enough to meet up and have drinks. She suggested that i meet her at her place which was fine with me considering I just moved out here and have no idea where anything is much less a bar. When I pulled into the parkinglot my leg started shaking because I was nervous as shit. I didnt know what to expect, I'm used to meeting my potential playmates on neutral ground at a swingers party back in dallas or somewhere public, as I looked in the mirror to make sure I was good I seen one of her blinds lifted up and I felt her eyes pierced through the tint of my rear window. I leaned over and grabbed my favorite brand of condoms out of my glovebox in case she had none, grabbed my tiggler and stuffed it in the breast pocket of my shirt, popped a dentine ice and climbed out of the car. Making my way to this apt, my nervousness left and my nerves begin to calm and just hoped for the best that who I seen in pics online was exactly who I was going to meet behind that door. I knocked on her door but no answer, so I knocked again still no answer but I felt her presence behind the door and I knew she was looking through the peephole. As I turned to leave I heard the locks unlocking, the door opened and there stood before me was a beautiful thick woman in lingerie and wraparound heels with a full glass of an alcoholic beverage. She said come in and as I slid through the threshold she smelled me as I brushed against her breasts with my chest. She said she was hesitant in meeting me because she was nervouse and was hoping that she wasnt making a mistake because she never did this type of thing before.

We gave each other the look over and I kept staring at her powerpoints i.e. breasts, legs, and her feet and man am I a sucker for a pair of beautiful feel in wraparound heels, they just make me all the more horny. She grabbed my hands and noticed how soft they were and pulled me closer to her. She asked me was I nervous as she was and I said no now that I feel comfortable. She stood up and walked in front of me and posed for me and asked if she looked good in her outfit since she wore it for me and she looked absolutely mouth watering. She walked over to the bar and asked if she could fix me a drink and I said crown and coke. As she fixed the drinks I walked around and checked out her book collection and I was thankful that this woman had an independent mind and judging from her book collection it was a concious mind and she was aware of her surroundings. I looked to the top of her shelf and seen a bootybabe statue that remarkably looked like her with the same lingerie outfit and heels. She snuck up on me as I looked through her book collection and handed me my drink. She grabbed her universal remote and turned on her stereo to projectvibe and her dvd switched on to a porn in the beginning stage menu. She lead me by the hand back to the couch and pushed play for the movie to begin. She was getting aroused watching the couple engaged in oral sex and reached her hand over to my pants and unzipped me, pulling out my cock she started stroking me, then she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me so good I felt like exploding then because this woman had some skills she was working with. She begin to imitate everything she saw the woman on the porn was doing, stroking me, slapping her self in the face with my cock, spitting on it and finally taking all of me into her mouth to the back of her throat. I just couldnt take it anymore, getting my cock sucked makes me get in the mood for eating pussy, so I eased my pants and boxers off so as not to interrupt her flow, grabbed her hips and maneuvered her pussy over my face. The smell of her sex attacked my senses and drilled my tongue into her pussy hole and savored her puzzywine, she began to moan unable to concentrate on my cock but instead began humping back against my face and I matched her stroke for stroke. Occasinally running my tongue over her asshole to catch her reaction of ecstacy. She tried to concentrate with my cock in her mouth but the more I licked and sucked on her lovebutton, she let out deep moans with my cock in her throat. Slowly I maneuvered us to lay flat on the couch instead of her facing towards the floor. I cupped her breasts and slightly squeezed her nipples and motioned for her to raise her body so that she was sitting on my face, she began grinding my face like I liked and she grabbed my cock and stroked it while she fucked my face. She let out a deep gutteral moan and screamed she cumming and I braced myself for her orgasm. She straddled my legs and pushed her pussy hard onto my tongue as I thrusted into her hole and felt a gush of puzzywine rushed over my tongue, lips and down my neck. She sucked my cock so hard and fast telling me to cum in her mouth and what she was doing I couldnt help myself, I had to release, I moaned out I'm going to cum as she stroked me and just before I shot my load, she put her mouth over my cock and swallowed every drop and continued sucking until she milked me for every drop. As my hard on waned a little bit she continued sucking and stroking me, sliding a finger into her asshole. Within seconds I was back hard again, she grabbed for the condoms in my pocket and slid one on me and climbed onto my cock and rode me hard, grinding and bending my cock all in her pussy. Bouncing up and down on my cock, she reached behind and massaged my balls and felt my cock stroke in and out her pussy. She began to slow down her stroking and lifted herslef just a little and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to take her in the ass. She reached over to a wooden box and pulled out some anal lube, squirting some in her hand she reached behind and massaged my cock til it was nice and slick with lube. She aimed my cock for her ass and lowered herself onto me til I was all the way inside her. She slowly stroked up and down as I cupped and sucked on her breasts, and kissing her deeply as I palmed her ass and guided her down my cock. She stopped mid-stroke and got on the floor with her ass in the air pulling her cheeks apart. I immediately got on the floor to join her and inserted my cock back into her waiting gapped asshole. She began to fuck back and match me stroke for stroke urging me to slam into her deep and hard. I put my right hand on her right shoulder and my left hand on her left hip and started slamming into her ass as she wished. Her moans turned quiet, her legs begin to shake as she reached for my legs to constantly slam into her. She laid flat on the floor and I climbed on top and fucked her froggystyle, plunging deep into her asshole, my hands in front of her shoulder to ensure when I plunge I dont push her body forwards away. She grabbed my hands kissing and sucking my left hand, digging her nails into my right. She pushed her ass further upward to meet me halfway as she began biting my right hand. She urged me to stop and stood up and lead me to her bedroom. Sitting at the edge of the bed she laid flat on her back with her legs in the air. I positioned myself in front of her placing her legs on my shoulders. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as I plunged deep into her ass. I slowed my rhythym and proceeded to grind her asshole, stirring it up. she started biting my neck and held on tight. She whispered that she wanted me back in her pussy. She went into the bathroom and soaped up a towel, came back pulling the condom off and washed my cock in a stroking motion. After careful inspection of her handiwork of cleaning me up she was ready for me to fuck her pussy again. I unwrapped another condom, slid it on and eased myself between the tender folds and lips of her wet pussy. Arms and legs wrapped around me I lifted her off the bed and plowed my cock into her. The faster and harder I stroked her pussy the harder she bit my neck and dug her nails into my shoulders.
She contracted her pussy muscles and squeezed down on my cock giving me a good sensation. Squeezing and releasing her pussy around my cock brought me to the brink of no return. I felt my orgasm creeping up my spine and I began to grind and stir her pussy, massaging her g-spot. As my cock got harder and bigger from the blood forcing into it I touched her spot and felt her released all she had, it got warm quickly and I held on to her tight as I dug deeper into her, I came so hard I got dizzy and felt like blacking out. As we lay sprawled across her sheets in her quen size bed, we talked about life, politics, and spiritual matters then we took a shower together and fully washed each other and had slow grind in the shower then dried each other off. As we walked to her door we hugged and gave each other a deep sensual kiss. Hopping in the car I looked in my rearview mirror and seen she turned all of her lights off, I guess I did a good job and she turned in early. As I pulled out the parking lot, my cell rang and it was the wife asking me how everything went and I said I will give you a step by step by deomonstration when I get home.

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