finally got laid  

dapperdan3704 54M
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6/5/2006 5:18 am
finally got laid

went to do a paint job for a single lady, very beautiful, very small and petite, we became interested in one another, and when i went yesterday to work, she was not there but had left a new pair of thongs on the kitchen counter, i wanted to fuck her the first time i met her. the panties gave me the hint, i had wore a pair of sweats that i knew would allow her to see my large cock, she showed up in a pair of short shorts and i knew what was going to happen. after about an hour of bullshit conversation, i just grabbed her and rammed my tongue inside her mouth, i felt the chills raise on her body, she then let me know that she had not had any cock for eight years, well, when i rushed my finger inside her i knew she was telling the truth, her pussy was so damn tight, i knew my large cock was going to rip her open, i bent her over the kitchen counter, pulled her shorts down and rammed my cock deep inside her, she screamed like a virgin!!!!!, i fucker her all over the house without cumming for one and a half hour, she was so sore she would'nt let me have seconds!!!!!! damn it was good, and felt so damn good, needless to say i'm a different man this morning. LIFE IS GOOD, hope your day goes as good!.

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