Our History, Pt 2  

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8/23/2006 5:57 am

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Our History, Pt 2

Ok, so I was talking about how we came to be where we're at now....

We had a very open discussion about our college days....there had been one night...it involved lots of alcohol and guys. I had been fairly regularly doing one guy that lived down the hall from me. The other guys that we hung out with knew about it. We had a party in his room one night. He lived at the end of the hall and we often left our doors open. Everyone left the party to go to the bars. He and I started going at it....with the door open. Go figure, 2-3 of the guys came back for some reason. They walked in on us....we continued what we were doing. They watched and offered suggestions. I was on top and oblidged. Hubby loves that story and it really got us discussing things in greater detail.

Pillow talk started to include a lot of "would ya's". "Would you allow someone to be in the same room as us?" "Would you mind if that someone were naked?" "Would you mind if that someone started to masturbate?" "Would it be ok if they sat on the bed?" "Would you mind if they touched you?" Onnnnn and on. We had huge fantasies of that someone being a neighbor and friend of ours....then it became a different neighbor couple....

This went on for a few years! We couldn't figure out how to broach the subject with either neighbor. We did later learn that the couple was horrified by the desire of ANYONE to have sex with anyone other than their spouse. (Shocked both of us to learn since we'd always been very sexually open with them!)

I eventually learned about this site....registered the day I found it!!! That was over a year ago...we've met many people and played with a few. We haven't regretted ANYTHING since coming here!

fantasylover_05 63M

8/23/2006 10:27 am

It is absolutely fantastic you two are so open and enjoy so much together!!! Sounds HORNY!! LOL

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