Our Anniversary!  

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8/22/2006 7:00 am

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Our Anniversary!

Today we celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss! How cheesie does that sound??? But, it's true. We're happier now than we've ever been.

Five years ago today, we were in birthing class expecting our first child. We were bummed cause we couldn't celebrate our anniversary but we would the following night after our routine OB appt. LITTLE did we know, our little peanut (his "pet" name throughout my pregnancy...I'm 5' and we knew he'd be tiny) who still had 8 more weeks to cook would be taken soooo early! At my appt they discovered that I was severely pre-eclampsic....they wisked me over to the hospital and gave me a steriod to help his lungs develop. They needed to wait 24 hours to get maximum results.

I was pretty sick at that point and didn't realize the severity of everything. Hubby headed home to get some sleep and came back early the next am. The doctor came to check me in the morning and would be back in a bit. During the day, things apparently continued to get worse. By noon the doctor visited again. He came back less than 2 hours later as both our heart beats were decreasing. It was time...forget the 24 hours.

As I lay there in my bed getting prep'd for an emergency c-section, the only thing I remember was my mom standing at the foot of my bed as they shaved the top part of my bikini area. I realized that my mom could probably see the tattoo I had that she never knew about! Laying there, both my life and my unborn baby's life at risk, I'm oblivious to this...worrying that my mom can see her good little girl's tattoo!!!

They rushed me off to the operating room...hubby joined. The docs discussed my tattoo as well...they showed each other their own...don't remember ANY of this. Finally, I remember them taking my baby boy out of my belly and rushing him off to the side to "work on" him. Hubby was crying tears of joy. I couldn't talk to him, my eyes were glued on my baby. I hadn't heard him cry and was worried beyond belief. I eventually heard something and they assured us he was ok as they rushed him off to the NICU. Little did I know, that was the only time I'd get to see him for nearly 48 hours!!!

I was brought back to my room. Hubby and my mom went off to see my little peanut. The docs didn't want me to get "riled" (sp???) up as they were trying to lower my blood pressure. We had just gotten our first digital camera 4 days before in prep for the baby but hadn't read the manual yet. There was no way I could see my baby!

Visitors started arriving. They'd come say "hi" to me, but the nurses wouldn't let them stay as I needed to "relax"....didn't these dumb asses know that the only thing that was going to make me relax was seeing my new baby?!?!?! After visiting with me, they'd go off to see the baby. I soon learned that STRANGERS waiting in the delivery waiting room were able to watch MY precious peanut on the TV in the waiting room!!!! But I couldn't!!! I started to flip out!

EVENTUALLY, my OB realized I wasn't going to relax until I could see my babe! After nearly 48 hours, I got to see and hold him in my arms....life was good!

After 5 days, I was finally released. After 7, my tiny little boy was able to come home. We learned what a fighter he was when he tore his IV out several times. They decided to see how he could do without it....he did just fine!!!

Sooo, when I am reflecting back on 14 years of marriage...this is the ONLY thing I can see!!!

Perhaps later today I'll add more about US and how we got to where we are today!

PS....under my wrist, you can see the slightest hint of my tattoo...can't have too much proof I have one!!!

fantasylover_05 63M

8/22/2006 1:05 pm

GREAT story and congrats on 14 years!!

So being the "fighter" that he is.... does he take after Mom or Dad?

daneNH replies on 8/22/2006 8:28 pm:
Thank you!

I suppose in many respects he takes after both of us...but in THAT regard, I'd say me!

SuperAdventurous 38M
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8/22/2006 1:07 pm

Congratulations to u guys...

Your definately an inspiration to me and I hope I meet someone with who I can have as much fun with and one day also celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary...

Take it easy and dont over do it...

daneNH replies on 8/22/2006 8:29 pm:
Awwww, thanks! Ok, you've inspired me to share "our story"....stay tuned!

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