To kiss or Not  

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5/6/2006 9:32 am
To kiss or Not

I guess we been getting behind here , and hard to find time to write. Working on our big road trip has kept us really going there and not much time to play. But when we return we can make up for lost time LOL
Snatch and I had a good conversation about our rescent incounter with another couple we met. It was very exciting to say the least, but as always sometimes a guestion appears and we deal with it the best we can. Nothing bad just curious of afew things and would like to hear from others about thier feeling on it.
Along with trading partners and having all the sex a person could ask for. The question came up to how much french kissing is good and what would be to much???????? We agree that some is great but, Snatch felt really to get down to really kissing someone big time, was something we should keep for ourselfs for that she felt she keeps that for me in our own true love. Which i feel that is so true , and find that very agreeable. We are new to this as a couple and like to hear from other about this.
So how much kissing with others is acceptable, when you are with them for a sex only ????

I know this sound like a foolish question, but I feel more like a fool if i didn't ask. Anyway thanks for all the winks and e-mails

(update on this posting) This was based on being put in place of kissing a other guys wife in public within a small town, which was in our thought uncool at the time. We did not want to think of us as a unkissable couple is all. hope we didn't put out the wrong message, and felt we should leave the posting here, just a thought when we reread a passing thought on this.

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