Tent Camping ( the ending )  

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9/10/2006 11:26 am
Tent Camping ( the ending )

Bob felt himself regaining his lust, as he stared at James working his tongue against Mindy’s clit, and then moving down through her parted lips to gather the mixture of his and Mindy’s cum. Mindy feeling James tongue searching out the wet juice was arching her back, and throwing her head back started moaning softly. She felt it so damn good to continue on this rollercoaster ride of orgasm she was having.
Bob had to move over and using his hands to cress her breast, first feeling the silk soft texture, moving to feel the nipples being so hard. Then as he was so close He moved one hand to pull Mindy closer to kiss her firmly on the mouth, only being a short one as Mindy felt James tongue send another jolt of electricity through her body. Bob moved down slowly kissing her softly on her shoulder. James in the mean time, his mind flooding with desire as he taste the mixture, some yet salty and another so sweet. Only to be drowning in it as it ran over his tongue and coated his whole face. Mindy pressing down on him, sent the message she wanted so much more of him. James felt a new regained hardness between his thighs as if this was driving him insane.
Mindy finally reaching fourth, searching out both of the guy members was greeted with a reborn hard on developing between them. Mindy move to escape James wicked tongue clashing he was giving her. Bob had made it down to suck on first her right nipple then alternating that with the left one. Mindy laughing, “Well now my nasty boys are ready for some more fun”. As she started stroking both of their cocks, feeling the renewed strength. Feeling bob mouth leaving her breast, and descending across her ribs only stopping to tease her as he ran his tongue into her navel...
James feeling Mindy stroking his shaft wanted to move, and putting his hands on Mindy hips, notice d Bob was kissing Mindy on her belly, causing her to giggle somewhat. James tells bob,” Maybe we should chance position so you can have a taste of her sweetness “. Only a reassuring moan and groan came from Bob as he was transfixed to do just that. Mindy let go of their manhood and moved from James chest pushing Bob assaulting tongue from her pushing bob unto his back. Mindy laughed as she continued her movement swings her leg over his head and getting into a sixty nine position, reaching to retrieve bob cock as it rested semi hard, against his belly.
Bob’s pubic hair still wet from the first round had covered his balls, and she move in to clean the mess left with her tongue. James reaches out to stroke his own hardness, as his watch Mindy pushing more of her inflamed pussy onto bob’s tongue. Watching her ass cheek clinching some he knew Bob had found her inner groove as well. James looked down as Mindy turn her head toward him to watch James reaction as she used one hand picking bob’s cock upright, and smiled just before she took the head of bob’s cock into her mouth. Then as she sucked on it until she had taken three inches of his harden member she, slipped off it the whole time watch as James tighten his grip on his own cock. Mindy spoke,” so James you like watching me suck Bob’s cock getting it hard again”. James replied,” Yes and I think you should also give me some as well”.
James started to get up on his knees to move toward them, only to be stop with Mindy saying,” Well if I’m gong to let you fuck my ass while bob is fucking my pussy we better find some lubrication don’t you think. James hearing this , stopped for a second, smiling he answered,” Well I think we have some lube just for this occasions in our backpack, and I’ll get it”. Bob still licking on Mindy hot wet pussy, brought his hands to her ass cheek, hearing their conversation, ran his fingers through the crack of her ass. Bob feeling her tight asshole somewhat wet from before teased her opening.
James digging through the backpack found the small tube of K-y and moved down to where bob was continuing to play with Mindy ass. Mindy quivered some when James pours some of it down between her cheeks of her ass. Mindy went back to work on bob’s cock with her mouth sucking on it, and using one hand cradling and rubbing his balls... Bob feeling the lube running across his fingers rub it in and gathering it on his fingers, gently push one finger into Mindy ass, Mindy feeling the invitation instead of pulling away push back against his finger releasing her mouth from bob’s cock as she moan in delight.
Mindy reaching back grab James by the arm and brought him up to her face and kissed him very deeply and grab his erect cock in one hand. Breaking off her kiss she spoke,” Ok you two have to promise to be gentle with your hard cock in me.” Then she bent over and took James cock deep and hard making it feels like a piece of steel. Working it fast and slow to, finally feel James pull back from the tongue lashing she was giving him. Mindy felt bob had replaced one finger with two and continued to loosen the grip of her splinter muscle hold on his finger.
Finally, Mindy no longer could wait, and slid from her position on top of bob, and turn around and lay across the top of bob’s chest grinding her breast into his soft patch of chest hair. James moves down to take the position behind the two of them. Pouring more of the K-y down across Mindy ass, and watching it land on bob’s cock as well. James then reached in to gather some of it and rub it into his cock making it all slippery, and as he knell there he us his other hand to apply it to her pussy, rubbing it into her. Mindy arching her back and pushing back against bob’s hard cock trying to find the opening of her pussy. Finally James taking hold of bob’s cock rubbed it against her groove lining it up with everything, Mindy plunge backwards sending it deep into her pussy.
James leaning over kissed her on her ass cheeks and then running his finger through her crack found her small rose bud and inserted his finger. James could feel Bob’s cock between the thin membrane between her ass and pussy as Mindy started to rock back and fourth. Soon both bob. And Mindy were moaning as they were lock together. James still rubbing his cock with one hand pulled one finger out and with two he added more K-y before reentering her ass. James stretching her ass to make more room for his hard cock.
Again feeling bob’s stiff shaft pistoning in and out of Mindy’s pussy.
Mindy thinking that she was ready, and wanting more before bob shot his load stopped cold holding bob still. Mindy turns to tell James,” Ok your done playing gives that hard cock to me “. As Bob lay perfectly still, he felt James fingers move from her ass, and next he felt James hands brush against his balls guiding his cock in the direction of Mindy’s ass. Bob wraps his arms around Mindy to hold her tight as James find the hole and press inward. Mindy gasps as James cock head pop through her tight rim and make contact with bob’s cock buried in her pussy. Mindy almost like holding her breath exhales and biting her lips some feel the fullness as James continue to slowing push more of himself into her.
James gripping her hips stops when half of it is in and back out, savoring the tightness and feeling his cock press up tight against bob’s cock. James could feel the throbbing shaft of bob not but a very thin piece of skin separating the two of them. When James felt he was at the rim, he pushed back in slowly, But Mindy unbridled passion, push back sending James deep. Taking all of him to the bottom of her ass, and she cried out, “Fuck I got the two of you so frecken deep now”.
After laying still for a minute, to have Mindy get use to the felling, she started rocking back and fourth slowly pushes them in deep and then leaning forward to move the two hard cocks within her. Bob and James were so far gone, feeling each other cock sliding along each other. No longer taking to slow cruel movement bob started alternating his strokes with James, and as he pushed in he could feel James rim of James cock head pushing in opposite direction of his shaft.
Mindy’s felt James sweaty body come down on to her back, and feeling the three of them slippery with sweat as they rocked back and fourth. Mindy suddenly become stiff as an orgasm rips through her body, not knowing what part of her body was trying for a release for very part of her was convulsing and contracting and relaxing all at the same time. James feeling her orgasm first as her ass became so tight trapping him inside. He could also feel the spasms of her body, as Bob pushed up with all his strength to put as much as his cock he had into her. Bob feel James already buried too, feels his ball tighten as his cock starts to throb.
As a loud moan escapes his lips, Bob calls out “Damn I’m cumming and his throbbing shaft pulsates against the wall of Mindy pussy sending James into his orgasm as well. James release his hot load into Mindy ass, and his balls rubbing against bob’s at the same time send his hot seed deep. Mindy continued to push back into both of their hard cocks and her orgasm hit her harder this time feeling the hot juice of them shooting into her cover every pore with in.
After the moaning of all them started to calm out, and the boys hard cock started to soften, Mindy which felt so full, of hard meat, loosened her grip on them. James being first to slip from her ass, looked down to see his cum running from her ass draining down onto Bob’s balls covering them... Mindy not wanting to lose all of it at once. Fought to keep Bob buried, but he was quickly softening, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.
James out of breath rolled off of them to lay back. And Mindy lean down kissing bob and finally moved to release the last of bob’s cock from her well swollen pussy, feeling bob’s cum also slipping out of her box. Mindy moved over to lie between her two men. And as they rested she couldn’t resist running her hands down, taking each of their hand, and bring them between her legs to feel the wetness running from her. Then as she gripped both their cocks she giggled and said,” So which one of you are cooking breakfast and which one going to help me clean up?

and to think some watch football on Sunday????

Oh well enjoy the story, may move it to the other section in time LOL

Hope evervyone is enjoying thier weekend as well. thankyou for our time!!!!

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9/10/2006 12:45 pm

A choice between watching football on a Sunday and writing or reading this kind of stuff? I reckon you'd have to be mad to go with the football.

Excuse me while I use the bathroom. I may be some time...

Blogito ergo sum.

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9/10/2006 4:18 pm

Excellent DP story! I am gonna have to get me some and take care of this throbbing I suddenly have...LOL

Pull My Fucking Hair!

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9/11/2006 8:08 am

Wooohooo , thankyou , That means alot to me for mzhunyhole, purpletrashcan, and consideringbi2 for your great comments. Maybe Dandy did get a touchdown in another way. As always, look forward to your comments, and your blogs alway are first on my list of reading to start my day. winks for the fine ladies

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