Skinny dipping ????  

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7/5/2006 8:38 am
Skinny dipping ????

Insearch of the deserted beach, a quest that became more then just a adventure. Finding a place to do a little skinny dipping in the moon light. Exposure to the mid night air, to lay upon the sand, movment to cuase sand to cling to the wetness of our bodies. To discover the beach towel has a unbinding way of shrinking to the size of a wash cloth. But by then, no one cares, for the water is close by and even the waves rhymaticly hitting the shore line, become the tempo of desire.
The moon reflecting off the water, for a brief monments at time, bring light to the two of you, his upper body bearing down, and her legs being wrap around his waist. The sounds of a lonsome loon in the distance is replaced by the moans and soft whispers at first, followed by laughter as you discovered the last thread of towel has disappeared. The sand grinding away the flesh of your hands as you are pulling her closer to you. To find the deepest recesses of her. But the sand is winning.
Finding the sand so overpowering, we leave the beach and enter into the water. washing the sand from our bodies, returning the softness. The water being cooler then the air , bring out the goosebumps, We cling to each other, replaces the coolness as the heat of our bodies become so intense. The hardness between us drive us to the depth, and as it is of the intence feeling you become very weightless with the water, and wrap your legs around my waist. Finding it refusing entry at first so tight, then suddenly the wetness from insides give access and the heat from within resumes. With her arms wrapped tight around your neck, and the waves pushing against your back, you grip her ass to pull her tighter to you. working it the best you can, and just as you feel this is so grand. you both feel the chill of a orgasm over take the both of us.
Holding onto dear life never wanting the feeling to end, and knowing well it will be. A longing kiss and you let your feet slip out from the bottom and disappaer from the surface of the water. Parting in oppisite direction, returning to the surface luagher fills the air, for in that monment in time we are is young as we feel.

Well, I know it the rough draft, mistakes are given, but if the mind is running, no time for correction, didn't want to kill the monment. LOL

So Have any of you slipped off to the water to enjoy the evening air???????

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