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6/28/2006 6:43 am
More Fantasies Profile question

Here is another question to the profile. I think maybe letting your mind wonder at times , can be more exciting then watching porn. Snatch and I find writing to each other our desires at times, really add the spice to life.
I don't know if you would call it thinking out side of the box, or better yet, think of the box????
This one deals with what celb. would you like to do. So Listening to Jessica Simpson would have to be my choice,
very sexy voice, and body movements that could make a blind
man dance.
Well I was down at the lake, doing some landscape drawing
and there is this bench that sits on a trail between two beaches,
that you climb over this rocky point just above the water.
Sitting on the bench you can see the lake for 20 miles and
it has some great sunsets.
As I was drawing, a shadow of a woman appeared on the ground
before me , continuing to draw, it became apparent that
she had long hair, and was standing behind me watching me
work on the drawing. she then step around from where I was
sitting and sat down on the bench, as I looked into her brown
eyes and seeing the corner of her lips break into a smile,
notice the smell of the water and pine trees faded away,
was that of fresh air just after a rain storm, and the fragrant
of fresh cut flowers.
She asked if "I did portraits”, to which I said,
I have, but with such great features, I don't have
enough lead in my pencil, to capture an angel like you".
Then she stared at my crotch of my jeans and said” I
think you have enough to get started" and with that
she slipped closer to me, and put her hand upon my thigh,
I dropped my pencil, and drawing pad. Then she lean closer
to where she whispered in my ear, "would you like
to show a southern girl a good time”. I could smell
the fresh flowers so close and feeling her long hair brush
across my shoulder, and just as there was no more to say,
she started pulling at my jeans, and I felt for the bottom
of her t-shirt, and feeling the warmth of her skin, so much
hotter then the sun on my back, as we were tearing at each
other clothes, we were kissing , nabbing at each other lips
and ever once in awhile working back and fourth between
the lips to
the soft lobes of the ears, as I found the lower part of her
ear, feeling the diamond studded earring hard against
my tongue, and the contrast between hardness and softness,
guiding me to start a trail of kisses down to her neck and
shoulder. She was working her way down in the same desire
, only to stop, and biting into my shoulder. this stopped
me from moving. Then she looked at me with big brown
eyes and said, “well time to put some real lead in
that pencil you got there". With that pushing me over
onto my back.
she watch my face as she descended, taking her time to caress
my nipples and pinching then, adding to it a light kiss then
move across my naval slowly leaving a trail as she went,
reaching for my cock she slowly ran her fingers through
my pubic hair and came to grip my cock, and with her index
finger started rubbing the rim, and wiping the precum
across the head of it, I feel my heart beat transferring
the blood to my cock, and then as she reach to cress my balls
, I feel her gently slip the head into her mouth and as she
looked one last time , she closed her eyes and took me totally
inside, and as she worked her mouth, I swear she started
humming a tune. From there I could no longer hold my head
up looking at those brown eyes and that fantastic ass beyond
the blonde hair, I only could close my eye for this was heaven.
No longer could I lay there and be so sub due by this, so I
pulled her back up across my chest, and feeling her erect
nipples rubbing against my chest hair, I couldn’t
stop till they were brought to my mouth. Where I lick one then
the other. As she sat on top of me, I used my hands to gently
work over her body just as a person would do making clay pottery
vase, softly moving my hand up and down to form the smooth
round contour of a vase, and feeling the sweat from our bodies
just as the wet clay being molded on the wheel.
Finally I could no longer take the pressure of it and rolled
her over and replaced my hands with my mouth and made my way
across her breast, and using my hand, slipped it down upon
her thigh , So smooth and as I move to upper part I felt the
small heart shape patch of pubic hair that had the feeling
of rabbit fur, to continue down it turn to a golden fleece
fallowed by the feeling of satin, To explore the center I was
over come with the texture of satin and a blend of silk. For
then I could on longer wait and I had to taste this forbidden
As I slipped between those long soft legs, she granted
total access to her secret garden. As I continue using
my hand tracing an outline of her pussy, and having the
pleasure of sight now, watching the lips swell, and open
before me, her clit peeking through the top of the lips ,
as a tip of a bright red ripe strawberry covered with the
fresh morning dew of the morning. Using my fingers and gently
spreading her outer lips, exploring the inner recesses
I could see the soft inner lips glistening, and then i could
take no more and moved in to taste this peach that lay before
me. Staring on the outer lips running my tongue down one
side and top the other skipping over her clit at first, then
pausing ever once in awhile to gently suck on one of the inner
lips , and then back to the top, and flicking my tongue against
the hood of her clit. As I started sliding my tongue down
the center, my nose flared from the scent that could bring
a honey for miles to find. As I reached the bottom of the groove
I started dipping my tongue into her honey pot, and being
treated with the nectar of love. She reached down and started
rubbing her hands through my hair on top of my head, and as
I would find a pleasure spot I could feel her finger tips
digging in. Soon she was pulling me to enough to say, go for
the clit, and without hesitations I started gently sucking
it into my mouth flicking at the head with my tongue in alternating
strokes. Listening to her moans and brings my one hand to
rub on her belly as her breathing increases. Soon I felt
her moving her legs and bringing them up against my back
and continuing until they were brought to the top of my
shoulder, so smooth and warm, and as they started griping
the back of my neck burying my face deep into her pussy I could
hardly breath, but hell what's better way to die.
Thank god, she stared coming, as I feel her hand pulling
on the back of my head, and just as she started coming back
to earth, her leg release the death grip on me.
Then just as I had started, I made my way back across her
belly, a short pause at her navel, then to her breast making
sure I nip at each nipple a few times for good measure and
then embracing in good French kiss. Feeling of her hand
wrapping around my back pulling me tight against her breast
she was bound to roll me over onto my back.
She then sat up on my crotch, leaving me hard pressed up against
her ass. As she stared at me she slowly rise up and then as
she took hold of my cock started rubbing it back and fore
the length of her groove. I put my hands on her hips, trying
to push her on to my cock, but it was her turn to tease and she
was defiantly in no hurry here. She when asked if I could
hear the waves crashing against the rocks below us, and
I could hear that, but that was not on my mind at that second.
Then just as a wave hit I felt her slip my cock in, and just
in time I thought of them receding she took more of me inside.
She started to time the movement with the waves and just
as they would hit the shore she would be bottoming out on
me, shoving my cock so deep, and griping it so hard. And just
as the waves continue to pound on the rocks, she moved just
as well.
With my hands still on her hips, to me it felt like a roll coaster
ride. Just as she would pull up and almost slip off of the
head of my cock, was climbing the hill, and when she descended,
it was going over the edge, where you feel at chill that drive
through you spine. Adding to that her twisting her hips,
stimulating the curves first slamming you to the right then
left, then more hills, only to take that one last high hill,
where I grab hold of her ass tight pulling it to me just as
gripping the hand rail in front of you, my legs goes stiff
, and I start cuming feel her doing the same as I feel the wall
of her pussy throbbing she slow lays down across my chest.
We are covered in sweat and I feel my balls are getting were
wet as we lay there out of breath. She said " I guess
we'll have to finish the drawing another day for you
have no more lead in your pencil my friend",

Hope you enjoyed it, as much as I had letting my mind dwell on a passing thought.

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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7/2/2006 6:12 pm

Wow...wonderful fantasy...*smiles*

dandy6912000 62M/60F
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7/2/2006 9:56 pm

Thankyou, hope you had a great holiday this weekend. I read your profile and your taste in music is great. you have a great evening there D & S

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