A Bike Ride (Fantasy story by Dandy)  

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7/19/2006 4:43 pm
A Bike Ride (Fantasy story by Dandy)

It was a cool summer morning, when Dandy loaded the Harley for the weekend adventure. When Snatch came out to the garage, “Well, I got the hotel room reserved for tonight for the three of us when we get there”. Dandy looking up from checking the bike out for the trip, he smile as he specks, “the three of us, my goodness what have you been doing in there on the phone for so long”???? With a grin she replies, “Remember Dave, which we met awhile back that said he wish he had some time to go riding.”
Dandy smiles, and ask, “So what is Snatch planning on this trip, may I ask”. As she quickly turn away and head for the door she laughs and say” well , For me to know and you to find out as need be.” With that being said she was gone in to change into her riding clothes. Dandy stood there , thoughts racing through his mind, damn when Snatch decide s to do something, it is hold on for everything you got, for this ride was going to be like no other..
Dandy hurried finishes his packing and head in to the house, in pursuit of Snatch. He catch her just as she finishes pulling her new tank top on and quickly turn away as she zips up her jeans. Dandy starts moving toward her thinking maybe little pretrip fun could reveal the hidden desire from her, but she quickly moves away from him, She says” “Hurry up now, Dave will be meeting us at the corner where we are getting gas.” Leaving Dandy to quickly change and followed her down the hallway out to the bike.
Snatch crawls onto the back, and just before Dandy hits the starter, she leans forward and whispers in his ear. This is going to be a great day, “I know you will not ever forget” and reaches for Dandy waist as the engine starts and down the street they go reaching the gas station in a couple minutes meeting Dave there.
Dandy sees Dave already there, and as they pull up to get gas, Dave got this grin from ear to ear. As Snatch climbs off the bike, she passes by Dave and reaches out and pinches him on the ass. Calling out “ I’ll be right back, picking up some water for us” Taking advantage of the time Dandy asked Dave” So what did she tell you this morning on the phone” to which Dave reply,” well said it would be a great day for riding and you won’t regret taking time off for it”. Both Dandy and Dave just grinned and laugh little for both of their minds were racing at the time. Dandy putting the gas cap back on after filling it up, seeing Snatch returning with the water to put it away. She, asked,” well I bet your both are wondering about what is in store for you two right”. Yes was the reply from both of them at the same time...
Ready to roll, Snatch climb on back and Dandy followed Dave out and onto the road. Cruising along, Dandy couldn’t help feeling Snatch hands on his waist rubbing back and fourth, and pulling him back against her thighs. He thought about the heat coming from behind him, was more intense then the engine heat from below. But nothing compares to the wind on your face, the smells, and a cool breeze that hit you as the road winds along the river to the side of the road... In no time all we reached our first rest stop, to take a break and stretch our legs.
As we climbed off the bikes, and shed some of our riding gear. Snatch found the water bottles and gave them to us. Dandy taking a drink notices Snatch and Dave giving each other a few glances, trying not to be noticed. Dandy, feeling it felt something becoming hard and finally says” I think I’ll make a trip to the restroom.” Quickly Snatch reaches out and grabs dandy and tells him” Good, I think I could use the restroom as well.” And quickly winks at Dave as she leads dandy toward the restrooms. Walking up to the restroom, as Dandy enters the men side, Snatch follows him inside. Dandy asked” What do you have in mind dear, this is the men room”. Ignoring his questioning, she moves beyond him and enter into one of the stalls. Dandy step up to the urinal, and unzipping his pants, find it half hard, and wondering how is this going to work. Standing there he hears snatch calls out,”Damns it, my frecken zipper is stuck, and can you come help me please.” Dandy starts to laugh, and putting his dick back in his pants, and move to the inside of the stall, where Snatch is standing there, no sign of a zipper being stuck at all. Her pants were at her ankles and smiling she reach for him and quickly started French kissing him. Moving her hands down to unsnap his pants, and feeling for Dandy cock hidden from view. Dandy being turned on drop one hand between her thighs feeling the wetness between them, noticing she was really already turned on, guiding his fingers up and down her groove of her pussy. Very much swollen and inflamed pushing her inner lips beyond her outer lips.
Feeling her pulling his pants down to pass his knee, and her hand stroking his shaft to a rock hardness, she sudden moved to drop to her knee grabbing his ass to pull him closer, as she first lick his cock around the head , before taking it slowly a couple inches sucking on it . Dandy outstretch with his hands bracing myself to the center of the stall. Dandy lets out a moan as she continue to taking it deeper into her mouth. Dandy feeling he should hurry before Dave gets curious , soon recovers enough to pull snatch to her feet, Knowing how wet she is, he want to feel the warmth of her pussy with his cock.
Thinking doggy style would be the best, didn’t work for Snatch had her own idea of how she wanted it, and spinning Dandy around sat him down on the toilet. With her back to him she straddles his thigh and reached in below her to guide him into her. Dandy felt her lips part as his cock head pushed the lips to the side and very slowly started engulfing the head, Feeling the wetness and warmth of her pussy, made dandy reach for her hips and pull her the rest of the way burying his cock. Then just as she was bottom out, she would lift up some, then smashing down against his hips. As Dandy and snatch were starting into a rhythm and their moan were filling the stall. They heard the door close.
They froze in position, not knowing who had just walked in. Dandy holding onto Snatch’s waist pulls her hard against him, not wanting to feel any movement at all. In Silence, they listen as this person walked over to the urinal, heard his zipper being opened... Snatch wiggle some to drive dandy cock deeper inside working on his dick with her kegals excursuses she been so proud of. Dandy pulling Snatch back against him tighter, a voice finally come s from the other side...” I hope you two are ok in there” Dandy recognizing Dave voice finally quit holding his breath and relieved exhales. Snatch then tells Dave,” I got my zipper stuck, and Dandy here trying to help me, but I think we need your help.
Soon the stall door opens and Snatch reaches out and grab Dave by his Belt, he forgot to fasten and pulls him inside. Dave standing there staring at us, the same grin that been there along, Snatch quickly pulls on his pants and drop him to his knee. Leaning forward Dandy feel her slide off of him some as she take Dave cock into her mouth. Dandy laughs as he sees Dave reaching out to steady himself against the walls Also... With Snatch trying to deep throat Dave, Dandy start trying to slid his cock in and out of her, holding her waist pulling her back against him and seeing Dave hand move to feel her breast. Helping Dave, Dandy reaching under Snatches tank top to unhook her bra. Snatch feeling this lets go of Dave’s cock long enough to pull her shirt off, freeing her breast, to make it easy for Dave to rub them, softly squeezing her nipples.
Dave finally, pulls back from Snatch, and kneels down to kiss Snatch as she continues to rise and off on Dandy cock. Finally pushing Snatch back against Dandy chest he moves to capture each nipple and sucking on them to make them hard. Dandy feel Dave hand has also slipped down to rub her clit, and feeling Dandy cock as well, as it continue to become soaked from her juices. Dandy feeling Dave cupping his balls drive his cock in deep, his body stiffen as he feel his cock throbbing shooting cum deep into her,. Dave found her clit and is working it feverously; Snatch is having an Orgasm as well, as she moans and starts pulling Dave closer to kiss him deeply.
As Dandy slips back against the rear of the toilet, Snatch raise up off his cock, leaving his pubic hair matted from his cum, she pulling on Dave to stand up as well. She turns around bending over, telling Dave she wants his cock right now. Bracing her hands on each side of Dandy thigh, Dave step up to rub his cock up and down through Snatch red swollen pussy lips find it gaping open, begging for more he pushes in.. Grabbing Snatch by the waist he pulls her to him sinking his cock all the way in. Dandy using his hand rubs her breast and rolls her nipples between his fingers. Soon the room is filled with sounds of Dave’s cock pounding Snatch’s already soaked pussy. Snatch finally reaches another orgasm, and in arching her back, Dandy knows her trying to milk his cock dry. A grip she has work on for years trapping it and squeezing the shaft. Dave feeling it finally pulls her against his loins and let go a moan as he too is giving her his load, Dandy watches as Dave closes his eyes, and a huge moan escapes his lips.
After a few moments Dave pull his cock from Snatch, and bend over and kiss the cheek of her ass, which Snatch laughs some still bend over she lends in and kiss Dandy cock laying limp in a pool of cum. Gathering some of it in her mouth she standup and in turn kisses Dave hard on the lips, giving him a taste. Dandy can’t resist and move his hand between her legs, her pussy swollen, yet gaping some as the cum ran down the inside of her thigh.
Finally pushing both Dave and Dandy away, She say,” Ok, boys now we need to make it on down the road, we have a few more miles to do today. Dave pulls his pants on and makes a move to the outside of the stall, say” see you two outside at the bikes. Snatch pulls Dandy close and kissing him, lean in and whispers,” we are just getting started” Getting dressed and returning to the bikes, A car pulls in to the rest stop, and a man jumps out walking into the restroom. Snatch looks at Dave and Dandy and say” So do you think he may smell something a little different in there.” Dandy laughs and say” I guess he missed it by that much, and time to ride my friends”.

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7/20/2006 12:57 am

Bike Love is in the air.

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7/20/2006 8:53 am

Thanks mzhunyhole and Time4ABreak4Me . It is great to hear some feed back , as alway. And I havn't finished the ride yet !!!!!!!

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