Possesive Swingers?  

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8/21/2006 7:53 pm

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Possesive Swingers?

Have you ever been in a situation where you come come into contact with a jealous swinger? I don't mean the kind that flips out and storms out of your door with his jeans half on because you just made his wife cum so hard she could speak nothing but chimpanzee for 3 minutes. No, I'm talking about a less obvious one that seems REAL cool when you're playing with his wife, but gets a little nutty when he thinks you might hook up with another couple that they are also hooked up with. These guys are just odd to me. We ran into one of these types a few weeks ago (and to those of you that we recently got naked with - it wasn't you cause we're not getting naked with whom we're talking about). In a group social environment, I'm chatting with a couple, well aware that there is another couple there interested in them, but not making any sudden moves. My pants are on, my hands are in my pockets, and all I'm selling is social chatter. This other guy, the one with the issue, walked off to a bar for a moment. When he returned, he saw that me and the woman he was hoping to trade up for (he was in a serious negative equity position anyway) laughing and having a good time. He sauntered up behind her and began kissing her shoulder and neck and generally groping her in front of me. He stopped just shy of pissing on her leg to mark his territory, but still made it obvious that he was laying claim to this one for the night. No biggie, I was kind of flattered that I was being charming enough to her for others to notice, and for him to try and keep her from straying on his unrealized plans. But then we spend the next hour or so with ugly looks, extreme gestures of of his personality (think of a peacock fluffing his feathers, only he's ugly as Don Knotts in a Sundress), and general rude conversation (interupting a decent/funny conversation to announce he'd like to cum on her tits). In the long run, I found out a couple of weeks later, that even though we evfentually left the other 2 couples to their fun, nothing happened because his antics had done more to ruin the moment than a busload of Matlock Fans on a nude beach....

I still don't understand jealous swingers though. I can screw your wife, but not the wife of some other guy your screwing???? I think you need a few minutes in the Chair of Marital Indifference to ponder the respect issues you have for your own live in squeeze man.

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