Places to kiss...  

damn_dame 47F
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3/3/2006 3:09 am

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6/4/2006 11:52 am

Places to kiss...

Places to Kiss Your Love

Behind their ear.
Tip of their nose.
Back of their neck.
Underside of their forearm.
Curve of their waist.
Palm of their hand.
Inside their wrist.
Under their chin.
Their eyelids.
Inside of their ankle.
Their collar bone.
Tips of their fingers.
Their spine.
Small of their back.
Their tummy.
Behind their knees.

Dear Readers,
Feel free to add to this list as you wish! Here is MY list of favorite places to be kissed. Where is yours?

5. Palm of the hand
4. Inner thigh (Yeah, while your down there feel free to look around!)
3. Wrist (very sensitive area)
2. Mmmm, lips!
1. Curve of my neck (Absolutely has tingle factor!!)

nevertootall4u 54M

3/3/2006 8:26 am

the lips are the entryway to our mouth. moist, soft (while other things are HARD) . slow, careful, licking each lip, top and bottom. tongue every inch. i enjoy a total body kiss. we men tend to stick to certain areas, and forget U have an entire body. i like my nips, my fingers (each one), my neck (hard), and best of all, lips. have lips will travel (lol).

bigdawggnawin 52M

3/3/2006 11:49 pm

The softness of your lips
Sinking my fingertips
Into every inch of you
Cause I know that's what you want me to do

veryfunnycple64 54M/54F  
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3/7/2006 8:59 pm

hmm, I love to kiss a womens neck area...the nape, underneath the ear area, the collar bone area....hmm with a little nibbles (light love bites)! The breast is also a good place to kiss...LOL!

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