We do like our animals don't we?.....  

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7/19/2006 5:11 am

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We do like our animals don't we?.....

Hi there,

I was just driving around earlier,when i got chatting to a guy.He used a phrase that i've heard a few times lately.."The Dogs"!

In this case he meant it as "the dogs bollox" meaning it was good.He was refferring his comment to the taste of our Irish Guinness,here in Dublin pubs,as opposed to the Guinness he gets back home in Manchester,England.

Is'nt it surprising just how often we use animals to express how we feel about something or someone,or to describe something about someone to another person?

I'm sure that there are LOTS more phrases that we can think of,but here are a few that spring to mind at this moment.

"He/she's like the Cat that got the cream!"

"As happy as a Pig in sh*t!"

"He's hung like a Donkey!"

"Peeing like a Horse!"

"I was so brass Monkies last night it was that cold!"

"It's raining Cats & Dogs here!"

"I was SO Elephants trunk (Drunk) last night!"

"Is that a Snake in your trousers,or are you just pleased to see me?!"

"I enjoyed that so much,it was the Bee's knees!"

"You made a real Dog's dinner of that did'nt you,you Ass!"

"Curiosity kills the Cat!"

"Wipe away those Crocodile tears,they don't mean sh*t!"

"He was like a Bull in a china shop today!"

"His hands were all over me like an Octopuss,the dirty Swine(pig)!"

"He had the Lion's share of the pie,& left nothing for me,the greedy b*"t*rd!"

I'm afraid thats all i can think of at the moment,but i'm Cock sure that there are more.So don't be a Chicken to post some of your own,as undoubtedly,there are some wise old Owls among you that will know more than this lot!?

Ta Ta for now,& one things else ladies..."Watch out for that Camel-toe look while wearing your shorts today...VERY revealing!..lol Naughty arn't i?...yes!!

Have a great day!



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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