That tingling feeling.....  

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2/19/2006 2:29 am

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That tingling feeling.....

Hi there,thanks for dropping in.

Over the last few days I have found that i have been feeling horny all day,everyday.

Now that is not a problem for me,as i usually feel randy anyway,& it does'nt take alot to get me all hot & bothered.

All through the day on Thursday,while driving in my car,working,i found myself getting aroused by the simplest things.Seeing a sexy lady walking on the street,the smell of a passengers perfume,Or the smile that i get from a lady in the sandwich shop where i often buy my lunch.

When i got home on Thursday night,i was so horny,i quickly went to my room & masterbated myself to orgasm,not once,but twice.

Afterward,feeling a little better,i sat down to have dinner,& watch TV.While sitting there,i could STILL feel the top of my cock tingling with a sexy sensation.

I tried to ignore it,but as usual it got the better of me.When i came up to bed,i put on a blue movie,& aroused myself again.It was my favorite "Buttman" movie,so i thought that would do the trick in taking my tingling away.Not so...
after cumming another two times,my cock was now even MORE sensitive than when i started.

Driving all day on friday,i had that tingling feeling,& it seemed that everywhere i looked,i was looking at sexy ladies,& wondering what it would be like to fuck them.Sex was on my mind ALL day.

Again,thats not unusual,as i think about sex quite often.What was unusual was that my cock was sensitive all day,& in bad need of some attention later that evening.It was telling me that i needed's been a few weeks since i had sex,so it was overdue by this time.

I went out with some of my friends last night,& we went into a couple of bars,then out for a meal.
Everywhere i looked i could see beautiful sexy women,dressed in very sexy ways,& i thought to myself,"hmmmmm...if only!"Being surrounded by so many sexy ladies,made me realise that i so want to have a regular woman in my life.

That STLL did'nt take care of my tingling sensation in my cock.The feeling that tells me i need sex & want it NOW!!!

Not being the type to have sex after just one night,I did'nt pursue any of the ladies that came into our company last night.I'm not into one night stands,i just came home in the small hours,put on another blue movie,& masterbated myself to orgasm another two times,until i finally fell asleep.

Before people say that i should go & get that i assure you all that i don't have any medical problems in that regard.

It's just that sometimes the urge to have sex gets so strong,it takes so long to loose it after a while.

I'm wondering if any of you ever feel this way?Have you ever got that tingle that tells you that you need sex,& no matter what happens,or no matter what you do to relieve it,it just keeps on throbbing????

Dare i say's like that itch that no matter how much you scratch just won't go away! (no,i hav'nt got crabs either)..LMAO.

What do you do to make the sensation go away?If your like me,& don't like one night stands,what do you do to alieviate that tingle?

I hope that you share some of your thoughts,

Hug & Kisses,


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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