I'm in lust with YOU.....!!!  

daighi 50M
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8/13/2005 9:03 am

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5/29/2008 4:54 am

I'm in lust with YOU.....!!!

Hi there,

Those of you that know me,& indeed those of you that have kindly taken the time to read my profile,My blog,& my postings to my various groups,will know already that i am a very passionate man.At least,i hope so.I hope that it comes across that way.

Those of you that are just reading this for the first time,welcome to my world,my mind ,& my heart,for they are ALL here!

Every day of my adult life,passion runs through my veins.I have a lust for life,& for everything on this planet,that offers pleasure to my senses.
(& quite often a little pain too)...lol

I think about pleasures EVERY day.All types of pleasures,some normal,& some more erotic.From the pleasure of knowing that i am alive & well,to the erotic pleasures that intimacy gives me with my partners,of whom i have much respect & admiration.

I LUST after YOU my dearest reader.I lust after you knowing that in someway we have connected,by you just simply reading this.

If your a woman reading this,then let it be known that it is YOU that i lust after MOST of all.!

I love women,i crave women.I want to touch you,taste you,smell your aromas,& waft in the delights that they bring to my senses.BE it the sweetest scent of your perfume of the day/hour,or the sweetest scent of your most intimate of places.

I lust after your touch as our skins writhe against each other,to feel the silkiness fo your soft,warm & smooth skin.To hear you breathe as i lie next to your intoxicating body,& your breath's increase as we explore each other,& begin to heighten our senses,& build slowly to the ultimate pinnacle of our release.

As i read your words in your profiles & blogs,my mind wonders how it would be to hold you close,& make these words come through.I want to be your fantasy,I want to be there,to touch you,both in your mind,as well as your body.I crave your knowlege,as much as i crave your being.I am in total lust with YOU!

Ladies of the world,i want to touch you as NO other man has before,& possibly NO other man will.
I will listen & i will learn.I will touch you,where you crave to be touched,& i will learn from your reaction's how to heighten your senses to your highest pinnacle.I will connect with you on a personal level,as well as an intimate level.
Your pleasure will be my goal,for i shall not stop until you are completely satisfied.Even then,if it is your wish,i shall continue.

I lust after your mind.I want to share in your everyday life as well as in your deepest fantasies.Lets share what it is like to live & be in touch with each other.Let us share stories,& experiences,whether they be lighthearted or sad,fun or fantasy,but at all time real.

I lust after your breasts.I wish to caress them,nurture them,tease them,arouse them to the point of them aching.But this will not be a painful ache,more pleasurable.Your nipples will be hard & will crave my touch.Eventually i shall lick them,suck on them,kiss them,& playfully bite them just hard enough to send shivers to your clit.

I lust after your pussy.I long to gaze on you & take in the delightful sight of your pussy,open,wet & ready for me to explore.I lust after you sweet scent as my mouth decends upon you.My eyes feasting on your labia,before my lips feast on your sweet nectar that lies within you.
I long to hear you moan as my tongue slides over your pussy-lips & clit,flicking at you,teasing you,arousing your lust as i continue.Our passion rises as i probe you deeper with my tongue,deeper & deeper,faster & faster.

Our lust increases as i introduce my fingers to your pussy.First one,then two,then three begin to probe you & stretch you,making you wetter even more.Deeper I go as my fingers find your G-Spot.Our eyes meet again as i see the lustful glare you give me as my fingers hit the spot.I hold your glance as i lick your clit whilst finger fucking you.Slowly at first,then quickening as your lustful feelings well within you.I lust to taste your juices as they flow freely into my mouth.I lust to hear you call out as your orgasm sweeps over you,just as much as i lust to linger in your pleasurable clutches as your orgasm subsides,& i long to kiss you & stroke you long after it has gone from you,knowing that it is never too far away,should we decide to continue well into the night or day.

I lust after you,to hear your laugh,& to see you smile.Rest assured that i will be there,during your times of sorrow & pain also.I want you to be the first thing i think of in the morning,& the last thing i think of at night.

There are many things that i lust after in my existance,but most of all i lust after YOU.Be it as a friend,a lover,a partner,a companion,a pen pal,Or a friend with benefits.Either way,i do NOT wish to be alone,& i wish to share my life with YOU!!

Thank you for dropping in!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



redhotgreeneyes 52F

9/3/2005 2:11 pm

Just had to see what what you had in your blogs...hehe

daighi 50M
1449 posts
9/4/2005 4:03 am

Red hot,your very welcome to my blog,so what have you learned? wink!
What you see in here are things that describe the real me.My thoughts,my feelings are all here.Come back soon,i will keep updating it.


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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1/4/2006 7:06 pm

Taking a peek since silkysmoothlegs3 said you had one of the best sex blogs.

Keep up the writing!



sxyblondecpl 49M/46F

1/5/2006 1:09 pm

Mmmmmm...very sensual.



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