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Part #1 of this epic erotic story can be found a couple of posts earlier in my blog...I was dared by bustybettyboop to write thisenjoypart 1.So if you want to catch up & be brought up to speed...have a look!Here's the next juicy instalment...enjoy!..It's a LONG brace yourself!

During our hug,i could feel my cock stirring in my shorts again.This time there was nothing i could do to prevent Busty from putting her hand on the front of my shorts & having a little feel for my cock.She brought one of her hands down & began to stroke my cock through the flimsy material of my shorts.

" are a big boy are'nt you....she whispered into my ear as she held me in her arms..."thats a nice sized cock & balls you have there"!...before licking my earlobe & sucking it into her mouth.

With that she took one of my hands from around her waist,& guided it to between her legs,taking a slight step back as she did.I was pleasantly surprised to find that Busty had in fact,NO underwear on that day,& her pussy was trimmed to perfection,& already getting moist by this time.She looked me squarely in the eyes as she moved my hand around her soft mound,encouraging me to probe her pussy with my fingers.

I heard her gasp slightly as my fingers traced their way over her clit,& down between her parting pussy-lips.I moved two of my fingers down over her outer labia,before probing her inner lips with my longer middle finger.She gave out a little moan as my finger probed a little more deeply,this time being covered by the now flowing juices of her pussy...."mmmmmmmmmmmmm....oh yeah!....that feels SOOOO good honey....push it in deeper!"...she said as i pushed my finger in as far as it would go...I added another finger,& then another until i had three big fingers buried deep in Busty's pussy....

I kissed her deeply on her sensous mouth as my fingers danced a tune in her pussy,my thumb every now & then rubs over her now engorged clit,sensitive to the touch,it makes her jump slightly as it does.Our kisses become more passionate,& i hold her closer to me now,her hand still rubbing my cock through the shorts,but this time it's fully erect & primed for her...& i think to myself..."i want her....i want to taste her.....i need to taste her!"

After a few minutes of this,i pull away from Busty,& bring her over to one of the leather sofa's on the side of the yacht.I beckon her to lay down & spread her sexy silky legs for me.Hitching up her skirt,she does just that.I stand between her legs,but my eyes are being transfixed by such a wonderful sight,that is Busty's neatly trimmed,open & inviting pussy.I just have to taste's what i have secretly wanted to do for so long now,& my wish was about to come last!

I kneeled down before her,opening her legs fully as i did,so i could gaze upon the wonderment that lay before me.My eyes shifted between hers & her pussy,as i waited just a moment to take everything in.Afterall,THIS is what i'd had been dreaming about since the first day i saw her.I wanted to relish in the moment,as i gazed upon such beauty.As i began to move closer to her,i closed my eyes & inhaled my first scent of her pussy.My cock stirred again as i was engulfed by the smell of her sex,my nostrils flaring as that sweet aroma enslaved me.I opened my eyes just in time to look into hers as my mouth finaly reached it's target.I looked deep into her blue eyes as i extended my tongue,& finally touched her naked flesh with the tip.

I held my gaze as i lightly stroked my tongue up & down around the outer lips of her pussy.Her pussy was wet & inviting as i flicked my tongue a few times around her clit.Busty threw back her head as i did this & let out a little moan.It was like a bolt of electricity went through her at that moment,as she gasped,grabbed my head,& looked straight into my eyes lustfully,saying...."Don't just play with it....LICK IT!...stick that f**king tongue of yours right in there,& make me cum!"

I did just exactly that as she said it...With that i locked my mouth fully around her pussy,& proceeded to lick her into a frenzy.I used varying techniques with my tongue & lips.Sometimes probing,sometimes licking with the tip,other times with a flat tongue.Sometimes sucking on her lips,& other times sucking on her clit.I was in heaven as i savored the experience of lickin Busty's pussy for the first time.I relished in the task,& it felt SOOOO good to me.My cock was now in a raging hard-on in my shorts,but that did'nt matter at this time.Now was Busty's i just wanted to please her,& i took pride in that.

After what seemed like an eternity,but in fact only about 20 mins,I started to push one of my fingers into her pussy.Busty gave a big gasp as my finger began fucking in & out of her dripping pussy.Her juices were flowing freely now & my hand was covered in seconds.I could sense that Busty was near to cumming,so i set about making that happen.I pushed another finger into her,& hooked them upwards to tease & stroke her G-Spot.This was all i needed to do,as in just a few seconds later,i was greeted by a sudden gush of fluids flowing from Busty's pussy.To my pleasant surprise,thats when i found out that Busty was in fact "A Gusher".

Her fluids filled my mouth as i continued to lick her clit...faster & faster...harder & harder.Her juices flowed freely over my tongue as i tasted her,bringing her ever closer to the pinnacle of pleasure.Busty began to raise her hips in unison to my fingers probing her,as i moved them in & out of her body."Oh yeah more of that!...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...that feels so good!"...i heard busty say as i finger-fucked her
& licked her to a frenzy again.

With that i knew it was time for the finale of this exquisite experience to finally come to it's

I grabbed hold of busty's wonderfully shapely hips
& centered myself again before locking my lips around her clit & licking it hard & fast.My tongue was now on a mission of it's own as my mouth danced all over Busty's pussy & clit.I shook my head from side to side,,& hummed in my mouth as i sucked hard on her clit....."Oh F**K!....Oh yes!....OH F*****K!!!...mmmmmmmmmmmmm...that feels SO good!"...Busty she looked deep into my eyes again.I could see the lust in them as i continued to lick her,& suck on her.Her hand grabbing my hair & forcing my mouth down on her.

Busty's hips continued to rise & fall as she began lifting herself off the sofa,writhing on my mouth as she did.I pushed my fingers DEEP into her pussy for one last time....& then it happened....I heard Busty moan out loud as she came i a rush of emotions.....wave upon wave of pleasure flowing over her body,as her pussy went into convulsions......"AHHHH....YEEESSSSSS!!...OH.
OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I'm CuMMMMMIng!"I heard her struggle to say,as she became lost in her orgasm.Her hips froze at that second,& her pussy went into a spasm...I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my fingers tightly as she came,her jucies flowing over my hand,& into my open mouth....God....she tasted SO good!

Busty's eyes rolled back forward as she began to come down from her pinnacle,as she looked at me again with a smiling face.I threw my arms around her waist,& rested my head on her ample chest.I could hear the steady beat of her heart as it returned to a more normal capacity,& her heaving breasts settle to a pleasant undulation as she settled into a post orgasmic state....Once again i was in a place where i just wanted to be,& the world seemed SO right at that point in time!

" Oh very nice indeed....thanks for the show!"....we heard as we were both startled by a voice from the side of the boat.Startled,we both looked up to see HS,SP,4bl4u,GG & BHL,all standing there admiring the view & the show we had obviously been putting on,oblivious to the fact that they had all been standing there for some time watching us.

As i looked over,i could see that BHL had begun to wank his cock,which was growing to a very impressive size by now.His cock appeared to be quite larger than most,with big balls & a smooth cockhead,already glistening with precum.

Greek Girl was standing beside him,& was openly stroking her shaved pussy beneath the sheath of flimsy & now seethrough bikini.She was also tweaking her outstrecthed nipples one by one as she had been watching us.Her breasts were full & her nipples were now standing proud & in plain view for all to see as she had earlier discarded her bikini top,much to all of our

Hippie_Square,was by far the most daring at that stage of the proceedings,as she had stripped off completely naked & was openly finger-fucking herself in front of us extremely sexy sight to behold! full breasts quivered as her hand movements increased,& her nipples also stood firm & proud,just begging for some attention,which 4biddonlove4us openly & happily obliged to give her.

4bl4u,walked over to HS,& began caressing her tits in her warm hands,before lowering her head slightly,to began sucking on each of HS's nipples alternatively,making HS moan out loud."mmmmmmmmm....Oh Yeah!" we all heard her say as she began to caress 4bl4u's hair,as she held her head,& mouth to her breasts.

This seemed to spur everybody on,& into action,as i saw GG begin to kneel down in front of BHL,& start to give him a very memorable & sensual BLOW JOB.She began by slowly licking along his shaft,kissing & licking it all the way from his very big balls to the top of this magnificent speciman of a man's cock.BHL threw back his head & moaned as she finally took the head of his cock inside her perfectly shaped hot little mouth.Her sensual lips surrounding his member as she sucked him in deeper inch by incredible inch at a time.I had often wondered what her mouth would feel like on my cock,but for now...BHL was getting to know that feeling quite contrast of her white,but tanned face,sucking on his big black cock was just SO erotic to watch,& a sexy feeling came over us all again.Things were REALLY starting to heat up now....

I beckoned Sweet Pickles to come over & join us on the sofa.As she walked towards us i could see that this woman was indeed a BBBW.....a BEAUTIFUL BIG BREASTED WOMAN with sensual curves & a smile to die for.Her tits were wonderfully full,& inviting,& her nipples were large & dark.She had lost the sarong earlier,so i could see that she had THE most delicious ass,round & peachy,& deffinately one that i wanted to get my hands on

I had heard through the grapvine that SP was very adept at sucking cock,so i challenged her to a BJ to prove that the rumours were true,& not in fact a smiled at me with those marvellous full lips,& decided to rise to my challenge.

I was told by Busty,to lie back on the sofa as BOTH ladies positioned themselves on the floor in between my now outstretched legs.SP began to tug at my shorts opening the belt & then my zipper,before putting her delicately shaped hand inside reaching for my cock.Busty told me to lift up my bum,so she could remove my shorts altogether.I swiflty did this & settled onto the sofa again as i relished the thought of having not one,but two sexy ladies pay attention to my now very stiff cock & heavy sensitive balls.

I watched intently as SP started to lick the underside of my cock,while Busty used her well manicured fingers to stroke my balls.SP kept eye contact with me as she slid her tongue all around the shaft & the tip of my cock,driving me nuts as she did.I let out a loud moan as she finally sucked the top of my cock deep into her hot sensual mouth.Busty at this time lightly squeezed my balls,& began to use a finger on me just between the base of my cock & my anus.I LOVE to be stroked like this...& i was now beginning to feel like i was in heaven!

After a few minute of this,both ladies switched what they were doing,& I gasped SO loudly as it FINALLY happened.....FINALLY....Bustybettyboop had her mouth around my cock!!!...I was ecstatic! was such an unbelievable that i had been dreaming about & had relieved myself SO many times over....& had finally happened!.I gasped,& gave an even louder moan as she closed her mouth around my cockhead.Those pouting lips that i had always wondered what they felt like,were finally pressing their way down my shaft,as Busty took my cock deep into her HOT mouth.

SP started to use her finger on my anus again,but this time,she decided to push it gently INTO my ass,& proceeded to fingerfuck my ass for a while.

I looked around the yacht for a short glance,just to see what was going on with the others.....

By this time BHL was now licking GG into a frenzy,she was standing,rested upon the side of the boat,with her legs slightly appart.In between them was BHL,now slurping his mouth all over her sweet tasting,shaved pussy.His tongue darting in & out of her,making her squeal out loud as he did.

4bl4u,was by now nestled in between H_S's legs too busily tonguing her into a frenzy also.I could hear H_S panting out loud,as she held 4bl4u's head to her pussy,& proceeded to writhe her hips in undulating movements over her mouth.This was SO sexy to watch as i love to see two women getting it on,just as much as watching a woman sucking a guy off.

My attention returned to my own pleasures as i was surprised by what happened next....

Busty whispered in my ear that she would like to watch me fuck Sweetpickles from behind,while she played with herself.....I looked in her eyes once more & i could see the lust-filled stare of this magnificent sexual creature.She gave me a knowing wink & a smile,as she told SP to get up on the sofa & face the others,bending over on all fours.

SP obliged us both,first removing her bikini bottoms,& then positioning herslf on the sofa as she was told.

Sweet pickles as i told you all earlier has such a wonderful round ass,& i just SO wanted to fuck her....I could'nt help pulling her ass-cheeks appart & looking at her anal star....i had always been curious about what it looked like,& what it tasted that,i proceeded to lick her between her ass-cheeks for a few minutes
savoring the taste & musky aroma of her ass.I pushed my tongue in to her anus a little,making her jump slightly,not from pain,but more from the pleasure that she felt by it.I did this for a couple of minutes,before i heard Busty whisper to me once again..."I want you to fuck her NOW!"....

My cock was SO hard now,& SO sensitve
That i knew that i would'nt last alot longer,but i'd certainly give it a

Again,I positioned myself squarely behind SweetPickles,& proceeded to stroke my cockhead up & down her wet pussy lips,making her moan as i did...."OOOOH Yeah baby...that feels good baby....mmmmmmmm.....yeah....stick it in baby...FUCK me with that big cock of yours!"...I heard SP shout out in a lustful way....

With that i just plunged my cock inside her in one go,making her gasp out loud as if she was about to loose her breath...."Oh YESSSSSS!"....Do it!....Fuck me hard!"...she said again as i began to build up a steady rythmn,of fucking her back & forth with my thick cock,sliding in & out of that juicy wet pussy.

I looked over at Busty who was now sitting near BHL & GG,lying slightly back,with her legs spread very wide indeed.She was stroking her pussy & clit while she continued to watch me fucking SP.

I was so fucking horny by now,with the scene that had unfolded,it was a struggle NOT to cum there & then.I withdrew my cock from SP's Pussy for a while & replaced it with my fingers instead.I wanted to save myself for another while yet.

Sweet pickles's pussy was SO wet by this time,that my fingers slipped into her pussy with the greatest of ease.In fact,so easily,that i decided to give her the FULL benefit of my whole

Finger by finger i added one after the other,as i pushed them easily into SP's now very open pussy.
Deeper & deeper my fingers probed,until almost all of my hand was up inside her.I began to fuck her slowly at first with my fist,which got very little resistance from her pussy.I was so turned on by the sight of my hand almost desappearing into SP's pussy,that i began to stroke my cock once more to full erection.

I Began to lick SP's ass-cheeks as i continued to hand-fuck her near to an orgasm.I could tell that she was near because of the way she was breathing & that she was now openly fucking herself back onto my hand...telling me to fuck her harder with my hand.

With that,i looked over again at Busty to see that she was now sucking BHL's big black cock,while he was stroking GG's pussy from behind,as if getting her ready to take his magnificent cock into her dripping wet & fully open pussy.While sucking him she did'nt loose eye contact with me,& continued to finger-fuck her own pussy.

The other two ladies by now had already switched places & H_S ws now licking 4bl4u's pussy into a fenzy,while tweaking her own nipples into erection,& alternatively stroking her own pussy lips.

Coming back to Sweetpickles,she was just about there,& fucking herself wildly onto my hand,shouting out loudly to fuck her with it,& thrashing her hair all over the place in the throws of delicious passion.

My tongue found her clit by now & i was sucking on it with all of my might.Again i started to hum as i fixated on bringing SP off on my mouth again.MY hand is now almost a blur,as i wank my cock,& i push my other hand deeply into SP's pussy for one last time before she screams out in orgasmic rants.

Almost in unison,i could hear 4bl4u shout out loud too as H_S expertly brought her to a climax,& then lastly,& heard Busty once more cry out as she proceeded to bring herself off by her own hand.

MY cock was SO fucking sensitve by this time,that i just SO wanted to cum!....Things were REALLY beginning to come to a boil by now & the whole dynamics of the group had changed.We had ALL lost our inhibitions,& we had all enjoyed what was to be only ROUND ONE of the spectacle that followed that day.....

I'm afraid that you will have to wait to find out what happens next in the third part of this epic story....I promise to post it soon,so please keep looking in!

Have a nice weekend!

HUgs & sensual kisses,


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



rm_iwannatellu 46F
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9/10/2006 12:36 pm

Cannot wait for the next part...

bustybettyboop 51F  
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9/10/2006 1:56 pm

wow!!! that was some orgasm!! mmmmm...mmmmmmmmm........

..just join me on my blog bustybettyboop and still looking for some hot,sexy,creative contestants for my next contest...come join us! need a blog mentor or want to be one?

daighi 50M
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9/10/2006 2:11 pm

    Quoting bustybettyboop:
    wow!!! that was some orgasm!! mmmmm...mmmmmmmmm........
Do you mean in REAL life or in the story hon?

I'm glad that you enjoyed it anyway!

You inspired it.



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



Greekgirl4u06 40F

9/10/2006 4:09 pm

Holy shit batman!!!!!! damn, when we gonna have a real BBQ?? LOL

Sweetpickles69 48F

9/10/2006 7:09 pm

I'm wore out now!!! LOL!!!!


daighi 50M
1449 posts
9/10/2006 11:54 pm

Coming soon!...Keep watching this space!



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



daighi 50M
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9/11/2006 12:04 am

    Quoting Greekgirl4u06:
    Holy shit batman!!!!!! damn, when we gonna have a real BBQ?? LOL
Hi GG,the BBQ scene will feature in the next instalment of the story & maybe the one after.I chose the idea of a BBQ,because ALL of us in the story like having sex on a beach,or dream of having sex on a beach.

This is just a warm up for the main event,which should really make your toes curl!

Of course,this is only a story of how i would see things happening if we all should meet in the real world,thats what makes it so erotic.The thoughts that i write,ARE IN FACT the thoughts that i have had while reading your individual profiles.

The storyline is fantasy,but my thought & wishes are REAL.I would love it if some of this became a reality,& we were to meet in a real life scenario.That would be just ONE of my dreams come through..

I'm glad that you liked it,more to come soon i promise...don't miss it as YOU will still be a BIG part of



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



daighi 50M
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9/11/2006 12:29 am

Hi there SweetPickles,there are two things that i can take from what you have said!

Either,you have enjoyed the story SO much that you are exhausted from masterbating so much while reading it,& are worn out by all the orgasm's that you are having....


You are exhausted from reading it because the narrative is so long,& it takes an extra effort to read it?...

My only hope is that it's the former option,& not the latter.My main hope is that you enjoyed reading it,& it had the desired effect in giving you some pleasure,in some way.

I keep the narrative long,as i wish to give the reader a sense of "being there" in the scene.My descriptions,are vivid,& cannot be written in just a few words.I do this also to give the reader an erotic image of what is happening,so that if they closed their eyes,they could almost see the scene in their mind.

That to me is what eroticism is all about!The mind is our largest sex organ,& a powerful tool to have & to play with.If you can "SEE" the picture in your mind,because of the way i describe the story,then i'm happy,& all the time spent writing it is worth it for me.

I took the challenge that Bustybettyboop set for me,& i'm trying to do it in an artistic way.I hope that comes across to you & to all who read it.

I'm NOT trying to impress anybody,it's just the type of thing that i like to read myself,& the charcaters in the story are REAL,& the narratives are based on THEIR profiles & fantasies shared.

In that way i try to keep as true to their profiles as possible.My description of YOU is just as i see you in your profile.The in between bits of narrative,are how i imagine you to be,& what i imagine you would say.Am i being accurate?

Am i trying too hard?Are the stories too long?Would you prefer to read shorter stories,with less detail in them?I'm afraid that if i shorten them,that will take away from the essence of the story,so please bear with me.

I'd be interested to know what you think of this reply to your comment,which by the way is welcome & always will be.



"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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