BB6...the end result...  

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8/12/2005 6:19 pm

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BB6...the end result...

Hi there,

Well it's over for another year! British BIG BROTHER 6 has just come to completion after 79 emotional days.

This year has been so much of a rollercoaster of a ride of emotions,it has been unbelievable.

Back in March this year i qued up in the early hours of the morning in both Dublin's RDS,& in Manchester's National hall,to attend the BB audition's for this years show.Thousands of like-minded people all hoping to be the next famous face of BB6.

Having got through to the second round in Dublin, my audition number being D0006,i failed to get through to round three.

Looking at the eventual selection of housemates now,I can see why i was'nt selected.Maybe if i wore high heals & a sari with an afro hairstyle,as well as being either bi-sexual or gay,i MAY have been successful.

Of the 16 housemates that were in the house at least 8 of them were either gay or bi-sexual.There was a white witch in the mix,an Italian,a wannabe rapper,Two wannabe porn stars,a disco dancer,an African princess,(who turned out to be a pathelogical liar).

Needless to say,They were a "funny" bunch this year,but so entertaining almost from the word go!
I have NEVER seen a previous BB where the housemates argued & hated each other so much.They must have set a guinness world record for the amount of arguements held by people in a confined space.Sparks began flying from the second day,& did'nt stop until just a couple of days ago.

There have been MANY twists & turns this year,& i can categorically say,that this years BB was the BEST ever!Drama from beginning to end,almost every day.BB really messed with their heads this time,& it made fantastic TV to watch.I was hooked from the off!

If i had got into the house this year,I probably would have been arrested for murder,as some of the housemates really grated upon my nerves.

My favorite housemate was Derek Laud.He was a 41 year old aristocrat.He had a very POSH british accent,oosed intelligence,but was as camp as they come.(Meaning that he was Homosexual).He was facinating to watch.I just loved the way he was so head & shoulders above the rest,but he carried himself well.

My least favorite housemate just has to be tied between two of the women in the house.Both Leslie & Vanessa did my head in!Leslie was so brash,& such a slapper,always exhibiting her overly large boobs to the cameras,& Vanessa just did NOTHING to contribute to the house at all.She was SO boring,& her voice was just like needles sticking in your brain.She was a waste of a housemate's position.Everyone else at least brought SOMETHING to the house,she brought NOTHING!!

There were TWO distinct relationships within the house this year.The first one was between Maxwell & Saskia.Maxwell was a typical "Cockney" lad from London,& Saskia was a typical "Ladette" from London also.They drummed up a relationship almost immediately,& remain together,even now,outside the house.Saskia,i have to admit,IS a BABE!She looks very sexy,& should go a long way as a model,especially with those "HUGH" boobs of should do well too,but only because he does have quite a good sense of humour.

The Second distinct relationship was between Craig & the eventual winner,Anthony.Craig is a guy who used his visit to the BB experience to help confirm suspicion's that he IS in fact "Gay".After Maxwell & Saskia were evicted from the house,he turned his attentions over to Anthony.Anthony,is a "Straight" guy who is very good looking to the eye,it has to be said.All of the women in the house flocked around him at some stage while in the house.So it does'nt come as a surprise that he turns out to be the eventual winner.

Craig is so possessive about him.He develops a very jealous streak in himself,& scorns anyone that even looks in the way of Anthony.Have you seen "Fatal Attraction"?Talk about being a bunny burner!Glen close would have NOTHING on Craig.
He got evicted on wednesday,thank god,& will probably do well afterwards,but for all the wrong reasons.

So,from the start,we had arguments galore,bin throwing,water/alcohol/food throwing over each other in anger,reverse evictions,sex,boobs(& a LOT of them too),Kissing,massaging,Failing 8 out of 11 weekly tasks,hungaryhousemates,drunkeness,
vomiting,nudity,cursing,crying,screaming,laughing& sunbathing.

The tasks included things like,painting,singing,
pantomime,olympics,rodeo,pirates,spying,dog training,speed dating,doctors & nurses,& a lying task.All varied,but all equally,all so entertaining.

So thats it for this year,Anthony from Newcastle,England,has won BB6,& i wish him luck with it.I can't help wondering how i would have done if i had been in there,but hey,there's always NEXT year!!

If you DON't Know ANYTHING about Big Brother,& what it is...what planet are you from?
It's ONLY the best reality television show ever created.Copywritten by Endemol of Holland as it was there that it all originated.

It's formula is quite put 10/12 strangers into a confined house with limited resources,NO media connection at all,for a period of between 10 & 11 weeks.They have NO contact with the outside world,& must do weekly tasks to earn money to buy food on a weekly basis.Which is also limited.Hungary housemates...equals...Drama & MORE Drama.Genius!

You can see it all on the official website at if your interested in finding out more than what i have outlined here.

What am i going to watch now?I'm lost!

Anyone want to chat online?I suddenly have LOTS of time on my hands,& nothing to do with them...winks!

Thanks for dropping in again,It has been emotional!

D. X

"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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