Holy Shnikeys  

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9/1/2006 3:53 am

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9/7/2006 8:25 pm

Holy Shnikeys

What a wicked reversal of fortune! A fine good day to you all. Three weeks ago I came to you a thoroughly emotionally defeated man. I felt as if I were an empty shell. Today I say "Keep the Faith"! My friends, (redundant) friends are more precious than gold! Truth is a commodity under stated. Heart and love amongst honest people is a transfusion of hope and kindness. These statements while seemingly rambling are all related. I have been blessed with the most wonderful and standup friends any man could ever hope for in life. ( I almost dangled) LOL Seriously, I have been picked up from the canvas after a devistating blow. There is nothing in life more important to cultivate, invest in, and nurture, than the honest friendship of good people. True it is a dangerous boulevard to travel this road of romance. There are many hazards. There are highwaymen at every turn to attempt to steal your life. Figuratively and Literally. Souls are lost every day to unsuspecting travelers who trust too much. Careful you happy vagabonds for along the road are liars and those who will talk a wonderous tale of great love and everlasting joy. These are the ones to watch most closely. Dont allow them access to your valuables. For as soon as you give a little compassion, they will slither into you chest and take your soul and your joy. They will run in the night leaving you to wake a crushed and empty vessel, begging to be filled. Discarded like an empty bottle along the path to happiness. Gather close to you, your good friends, those who ask for nothing but give so much. Follow those willing to take your hand and to give you shelter without expectations. This is the warmth that will fill your soul. These are the people who will boost your confidence. Who will support your joy. This is the richest treasure. So when a sugary sweet minstrel comes along the road, listen intently to the song, Yea enjoy the tune, Yet please guard your heart, defer to your friends. It is they who give without asking, who give you solice and a blanket when the cold wind blows. This is your treasure guard it well. Be of joy, For that makes you a Friend also!

_2curious4more_ 52M/42F
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9/2/2006 8:49 am

It is true Tony, you are fortunate to have been blessed with the kind of company that others would envy. I speak from experiences not yet forgotten, as Carlos & have been walking the same path for years and have encountered those same highwaymen and lost souls. It was only after we joined the swinger lifestyle did we start meeting sincere, and less pretentious travelers whom see the journey of life as an expansion of our spirituality and in that are more open and honest with themselves and others. You are one of those people in our lives that brings us joy and we are happy to be walking the path with you... peace hun.

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