tell me about a kiss....  

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3/4/2005 10:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

tell me about a kiss....

As I write this yearning prose to a woman unknown, I have just finished a short story, ??? my mind is ripe and luscious with sweeping with images and feelings. The story is about a woman, on an island in Samoa, lounging in the afternoon sun, sipping on thick syruped rum and fresh pulpy mango juice, idly watching a powerful man, his features shadowed by the radiant disk of the afternoon sun, cast a circular net in the shimmering blue ocean for fish. They are strangers to each other, but the harmonious destiny of desire shall drawn them into each others realm, gaze and arms and soon they will kiss, soon they will feel the warmth of togetherness on their lips.

I think of your lips, delicious and sweet, on mine. I cant see your face, just the your beautiful eyes, close, sparkling with passion. If I close my eyes, just for a bit, you are there with me, you are there to hold, to let your warm moist breathe caress the soft cheeks of my face. To let me taste you, succulent and sweet. Our sinewy tongues for the first time, slip through each other soft glistening lips, and find their place in our warmly erotic mouths. Feel, wholly alive, our hearts pounding hard in anticipation, now beat together as one.

It is you and I in this story, I wrote. It is you and I alone, in the tropical sun, fairly naked, with an incredible journey of exploration just in front of us. Feel, for the first time the warmth of our impassioned gazes, the soft skin of our bodies, pooling into each other, our skin warmed in the delight of the tropical sun, exquisitely sensitive to each others touch. Feel alive, as we tenderly expose our passion.

I stand before you, a man, powerful and strong, with the ocean’s blue water shimmering moist on my skin. Your arms hold my arms to my side, feeling my sinew and muscles calm beneath your touch. How beautiful you are, as you hold me, close and tight.

It is that first kiss, the first kiss of passion with you that booms in my head now, delicate and tender, I feel my eyes mist in sheer emotional delight. I see your lips, pursed perfect in their attraction, the whiteness of your beckoning smile, telling me that you are ready, ready for the kiss, ready to let this man, who has scared and confused you, with feelings and desires, take one small cautious step into your soul.

Can you feel it, can you feel the sun, can you feel the delicious urge of desire,.....can you feel my lips? if you can then write, write for all you are worth, write for your soul, write deep and sure, write and let us walk slowly along a path of dulcet discovery.


6/6/2006 1:58 pm

My kiss is in my smile, my kiss is deep in my eyes.
My kiss is in my touch, my kiss is mine alone.
This kiss is one of passion, this kiss is patiently waiting.
This kiss is deeper than reality, this kiss is mine alone.
Can this kiss have desire, can this kiss be tender?
Can this kiss escape, can this kiss be yours alone?
Do you want my kiss to touch, do you want my kiss to hold?
Do you want my kiss to share, do you want my kiss for you alone?

florallei 100F

6/27/2006 12:42 pm

...quite intoxicating...



11/22/2009 10:32 pm

you found me for a reason .i can feel it the power in your words to draw me to you, to find out my limits , to let totally go and mostly to trust the teacher ....yes

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